Mass Walkouts and Protests Against Vaccines Mandates Spread Across US

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Thousands of radical crossed the U.S. took the time disconnected from enactment connected Nov. 3 to footwear disconnected worldwide walkouts successful protestation of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The events, sponsored by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and different organizations, featured speakers and protesters chanting slogans and carrying signs successful enactment of aesculapian freedom.

“No authorities successful past has ever surrendered powerfulness successful the lack of a demand,” said Robert Kennedy Jr., the CHD committee chairman,  in a statement.

“We request to archer these governments and their friends successful the technocracy, the Silicon Valley billionaire boys club, the mainstream media, and the pharmaceutical manufacture that we volition nary longer tolerate their trampling of citizens’ rights,” Kennedy said.

In Phoenix, Arizona, much than 200 radical gathered extracurricular astatine Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza successful protestation against the vaccines and mandates.

Epoch Times Photo Protesters get their messages crossed astatine a rally successful enactment of aesculapian state successful Phoenix, Ariz., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Allan Stein/Epoch Times)

Many carried home-made signs and wore patriotic covering to get their connection of aesculapian state across.

A authorities contractor successful his 20s, who asked that his sanction not beryllium used, told The Epoch Times helium took the time disconnected from his occupation arsenic an technologist knowing “they’re going to occurrence me” erstwhile a vaccine mandate begins connected Dec. 8.

“I’m looking for different jobs,” helium said. “They person nary respect for an employee’s choice.”

Carrie Cullen, a registered caregiver astatine Banner Health Medical Center successful Phoenix, said she came to the rally to enactment a origin that she believes in—medical freedom.

Banner’s vaccine mandate became effective on Nov. 1, she said.

Epoch Times Photo Registered nurses Carrie Cullen (L) and Rachel Wallace protestation successful enactment of aesculapian state astatine a Worldwide Walkouts rally held successful Phoenix, Ariz., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Allan Stein/Epoch Times)

“I was granted a spiritual exemption. Still, I’m conscionable warring for freedom,” Cullen said.

Rachel Wallace, a registered caregiver for the Mayo Clinic successful Arizona, said the rally serves arsenic a focal constituent for those who garbage COVID-19 vaccines and mandates.

Any unit subordinate who is not afloat vaccinated by Jan. 3 volition beryllium terminated by the Mayo Clinic, unless they person an approved aesculapian oregon spiritual exemption.

“It’s large to person radical travel unneurotic warring for the aforesaid rights,” Wallace said.

Both nurses said they have not been vaccinated.

“That is what we are opposed to,” Wallace said.

Epoch Times Photo A protester holds a brace of signs against COVID-19 mandates astatine a rally for aesculapian state successful Phoenix, Ariz., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Allan Stein/Epoch Times)

Several different protesters did not privation to beryllium identified, fearing reprisals by their employer.

The rally successful Phoenix besides featured impermanent speakers, including Diane Douglas, Arizona’s erstwhile Superintendent of Public Instruction, who work from a database of authorities statutes that safeguard aesculapian freedoms for Arizonans.

“Whatever happened to patients’ rights?” Douglas asked the assemblage rhetorically. “What God giveth, tin the authorities instrumentality away?”

“We request to clasp the line—we volition not comply,” said Anna van Hoek, vice president for the Arizona section of CHD, addressing the protesters, who chanted, “Hold the line!”

Epoch Times Photo A conjugation of grassroots citizens’ groups came unneurotic to protestation vaccination mandates and authorities overreach successful Royal Oak, Mich., connected Nov. 3, 2021 (Steven Kovac/Epoch Times)

In Michigan, much than 250 protesters from a twelve southeast communities gathered successful the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak successful Oakland County to show against vaccine mandates.

Several of them told The Epoch Times they had already mislaid their jobs for refusing the shot.

Healthcare manufacture idiosyncratic Ken Gulock said helium was fto spell by his institution 2 weeks earlier the steadfast pays retired its yearly bonuses.

“You person to beryllium employed connected the payout day. My determination not to instrumentality the vaccine outgo maine and my household $30,000. I person nary regrets. I wouldn’t alteration a thing.”

School para-pro Alexandra Zilch mislaid her occupation and a needed payment bundle erstwhile her territory fto her spell for refusing to beryllium vaccinated.

“I’m present to talk up for the liberty our founding fathers won for us,” Alexandra said.

Epoch Times Photo Protesters marque their voices heard against vaccination mandates successful Royal Oak, Mich., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Steven Kovac/Epoch Times)

Matt Rees, a squad person successful a ample Detroit-area fiscal company, says helium was forced to resign past period for refusing the shot.

“They kept pressuring maine to archer them if I was vaccinated. I thought it was an penetration of my privacy.

“I consciousness they were creating a discriminatory strategy wherever 1 worker did not person the aforesaid privileges arsenic different based connected his vaccine status.

“Some, like me, had to wear masks and undergo testing, or resign.”

Rees receives no unemployment benefits.

“I don’t privation immoderate wealth from the government. I americium interviewing for different job, surviving disconnected savings, and doing jobs connected the broadside to scrape by.”

Rees says his church has really rallied around him.

“I’m sticking with my convictions and pursuing the Lord. I’d accidental to anybody retired determination ‘Don’t fearfulness their reprisals!’”

Epoch Times Photo A pistillate leads a assemblage of anti-vaccination mandate protesters successful chants and patriotic songs successful Royal Oak, Mich., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Steven Kovac/Epoch Times)

Event organizer and parent of three, Melissa Williams, told The Epoch Times: “We parents are lasting up for state and for our children.

“The parents present contiguous reason communism, totalitarianism, and authorities overreach. So, they came retired connected this acold time successful November to basal up for each parents and their kids.

“It’s tragic. So galore radical here, truthful galore professionals, person mislaid their jobs.

“My ain lad was denied admittance to the assemblage of his prime due to the fact that helium was unvaccinated. They denied his petition for spiritual exemption.”

A parent of 4 Lynn Mills told The Epoch Times: “One of my grown sons gave up an all-expenses-paid travel to Hawaii alternatively than beryllium vaccinated. I americium precise arrogant of him for lasting by his principles.”

Covid subsister Anna Spoto said she came retired to basal up for her God-given rights arsenic an American.

“I am here to take a stand against tyranny and medical discrimination.”

As of November 2, astir 59 percent of Michigan residents implicit 12 years of property person been afloat vaccinated.

Since the pandemic struck Michigan successful the aboriginal outpouring of 2020, determination person been 1,137,748 cases, with 22,247 deaths. The mortality complaint is nether 2 percent.

Epoch Times Photo A antheral wields a Gadsden Flag astatine a Worldwide Walkouts rally against COVID-19 vaccines successful Florida connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Jann Falkenstern/Epoch Times)

At a rally successful Florida, Chase Linde of Sarasota said helium felt similar American freedoms are being eroded.

He said radical are “fed up” and are warring back, and that elections that took spot successful Virginia are “proof of that.”

“I perfectly consciousness similar our liberties person been stolen from us,” helium said portion draped successful an American emblem waving astatine honking cars driving by connected Bayfront Avenue. “I person 2 tiny children and 1 connected the mode and I bash not privation look diapers connected them.”

Linde said the statistics and data do not support “jabbing children.”

Whitney Sheffield brought her 10-month-old girl Cameran to the rally due to the fact that she wants everyone to cognize that she is not comfy with giving children a changeable that hasn’t been decently researched and developed.

“There volition beryllium nary jab for this one,” she said holding her closely. “Vaccines instrumentality years to cleanable and this 1 was rolled retired excessively speedy and excessively galore radical are getting sick from the shot.”

Epoch Times Photo Demonstrators successful Marietta, Ga., protestation against vaccine mandates connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Jackson Elliott/Epoch Times)

On a acold greeting successful Marietta, Georgia, astir 30 radical stood with signs connected a thoroughfare country to protestation the vaccine mandate. Many passing cars and trucks honked approval, but a fewer shouted insults.

Occasionally, the assemblage broke into chants of “No Mandate!” but, for the astir part, radical talked softly unneurotic portion holding up homemade signs.

Most of the protesters worked astatine a adjacent Lockheed Martin plant, said 1 of the event’s organizers, Tracy Nelson. The remainder included teachers, nationalist workers, Starbucks employees and others.

A fewer radical came to the protestation from arsenic acold distant arsenic Florida, Nelson said. Many spot the mandated vaccine arsenic 1 much authorities imposition successful a agelong enactment of unwanted orders including the disguise mandate.

“The vaccine mandate is gonna spell immoderate mode it goes,” said Nelson. “And past the propulsion is going to beryllium for Critical Race Theory.”

Most radical The Epoch Times interviewed didn’t reason the vaccine, though galore hadn’t taken it for idiosyncratic reasons. However, they powerfully opposed the mandate.

Epoch Times Photo Jeff Langstrom (2R) stands astatine a vaccine protestation successful Marietta, Ga., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Jackson Elliott/Epoch Times)

“Our kids are each vaccinated for school, we were each vaccinated arsenic kids for school,” Nelson said. “But if you person to unit thing that works, it conscionable doesn’t look similar you request to unit something.”

To galore present, the mandate was a usurpation of the close to bodily autonomy. Some protesters held signs speechmaking “My Body, My Choice.”

One protester, Roya, was an migrant from Iran. She said that the expanding fig of authorities mandates for the involvement of nationalist information reminded her of her location country’s descent into tyranny.

“It’s similar women covering up successful Iran,” she said. “The authorities said ‘It’s for your protection, you request to person each this regulation for your protection, for your beingness to beryllium better.’

“It wasn’t better. It got worse and worse, and each of our rights dilatory got taken away.”

Roya said she was protesting due to the fact that she didn’t privation America to go similar Iran.

“I don’t privation to spot it happening again, due to the fact that America is simply a beauteous country,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo Demonstrators successful Marietta, Ga., protestation against vaccine mandates connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Jackson Elliott/Epoch Times)

Some protesters said that they attended retired of a consciousness of work toward others.

“I’m conscionable helping radical consciousness similar they’re not alone, helping radical basal for what they judge is close astatine the extremity of the day,” said protester Katie Carroll.

“We’re warring for everybody,” said protester Phillip Eakin. “Whether you hold with america oregon not, we’re warring for you.”

Jeff Langston said helium felt deceived by some media and government. By failing to marque information clear, the media and authorities near country for conspiracy theories to arise, helium said.

Often the radical connected which the authorities relied to support nine moving during the pandemic are the aforesaid ones who volition suffer their jobs implicit vaccine mandates, helium said.

“They couldn’t beryllium without america successful the beginning,” helium said. “Now they’re gonna get escaped of us. It’s tyranny by proxy.”

Epoch Times Photo Hundreds of Chicagoans protestation against city’s vaccine mandate astatine a rally extracurricular the James R. Thompson Center successful downtown Chicago, Ill., connected Nov 3, 2021. (Cara Ding/Epoch Times)

About 500 radical gathered successful beforehand of the James R. Thompson Center successful Chicago, Illinois, to protestation against the vaccine mandates connected Wednesday.

Illinois’ Governor JB Pritzker issued the archetypal vaccine mandate successful precocious August that required authorities employees, contractors, and vendors who enactment successful congregate facilities, to get their archetypal dose of vaccination connected Oct. 4. Others included successful the mandate were definite wellness attraction workers, schoolhouse personnel, and higher acquisition employees.

Those with an approved religious, oregon aesculapian exemptions, could opt to bash investigating instead.

However, that deadline has been extended respective times successful look of propulsion backs from employees and their unions; the latest deadline is Nov. 30.

As of now, the state’s largest nationalist worker union—American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31—which represents much than 10,000 employees who enactment successful authorities prisons and juvenile justness facilities, are inactive negotiating with the authorities connected the vaccine mandate.

Epoch Times Photo Lynette Taylor holds an American emblem astatine a protestation against city’s vaccine mandate astatine a rally extracurricular the James R. Thompson Center successful downtown Chicago, Ill., connected Nov 3, 2021. (Cara Ding/Epoch Times)

Cook County wellness worker Lynette Taylor, 62, said she did not get vaccinated by an Oct. 1 deadline and was told by her leader to permission the Cook County jailhouse connected that date.

As a Pentecostal, her spiritual exemption was denied with small explanation, she said.

Last week, Taylor was told she was enactment connected no-pay status. She volition suffer astir $4,000 a month.

She lives with and financially supports her mother, has immoderate savings, but can’t spell connected similar this for long. Some of her co-workers, who bash not privation to get the vaccinations, person begun looking for enactment elsewhere.

“It is conscionable not close that they are taking distant your livelihood implicit this. There should beryllium state of choice, and accommodations for radical who don’t privation to get vaccinations,” Taylor said.

Jackson Elliott, Jann Falkenstern, Steven Kovac, and Cara Ding contributed to this report.

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