Massive Trucker Convoy Raises $1.3M to Fuel Vaccine Mandate Protest Heading to Ottawa

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'Thousands of america volition beryllium parking our trucks connected Parliament Hill for arsenic agelong arsenic it takes,' says organizer

VANCOUVER—After raising $1.3 cardinal successful a week, a monolithic radical of truckers are rolling crossed the state to campy successful Canada’s superior until a national COVID-19 vaccine mandate connected motortruck drivers is lifted.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 is slated to commencement from the westbound seashore connected Jan. 23, heading from British Columbia to Ottawa. Truckers from each state program to articulation nether a radical called Canada Unity and signifier a ample objection against the mandate successful the nation’s superior connected Jan. 29.

“Thousands of america volition beryllium parking our trucks connected Parliament Hill for arsenic agelong arsenic it takes until these vaccine mandates are lifted,” Tamara Lich, a pb organizer, told The Epoch Times.

Lich, who works successful Alberta’s lipid and state industry, said erstwhile she and a fewer of her trucker friends launched a GoFundMe campaign connected Jan. 14, she ne'er expected the enactment that they’ve received.

“It’s been overwhelming,” Lich said. “I’m seeing Canadians coming unneurotic similar I person ne'er seen before.”

The run has raised $1,299,477 arsenic of the greeting of Jan. 22.

Epoch Times Photo Tamara Lich, an organizer with Freedom Convoy 2022. (Handout)

The upcoming trucker protestation comes arsenic the manufacture already struggles with a shortage of drivers and the state grapples with supply concatenation disruptions and 30-year precocious ostentation rates.

Under the national mandate that came into unit connected Jan. 15, each motortruck drivers entering Canada request to beryllium afloat vaccinated. Unvaccinated Canadian drivers volition person to acquisition investigating and quarantine upon entry, and non-Canadian drivers volition beryllium barred from entering.

Lich says she knows galore radical successful the manufacture who person been affected by the vaccine mandate. The group’s extremity is to request the national authorities not lone extremity the vaccine mandate for truckers, but each the different COVID-19 mandates successful the country.

“Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and radical are being mistreated and denied cardinal necessities to survive,” reads the GoFundMe run page.

Lich estimates astir 2,000 motortruck drivers volition articulation the convoy from occidental Canada. Two different convoys person antithetic starting points: The confederate way volition permission connected Jan. 27 from Windsor, Ont, portion the eastbound way volition permission connected the aforesaid time successful Enfield, Nova Scotia.

‘Peak of Supply Chain Constraints’

The national vaccine mandate could effect successful a nonaccomplishment of 12,000 to 16,000 cross-border commercialized drivers, according to a station connected the website of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA).

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended the his government’s determination to spell up with the vaccination measurement for motortruck drivers contempt looming terms increases and merchandise shortages.

Trudeau said astatine a press conference in Ottawa connected Jan. 19 that truckers person known for months that the mandate was coming, and the United States volition soon bring into unit an “identical” measure. The U.S. government on Jan. 20 said it volition motorboat its ain vaccination mandate connected Jan. 22 to guarantee each non-American truckers entering the state are vaccinated.

“We are aligned with them,” Trudeau said.

Epoch Times Photo Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listens arsenic Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos speaks during a quality league connected the COVID-19 pandemic successful Ottawa, connected Jan. 5, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Justin Tang)

A Transport Canada spokesperson told The Epoch Times that the pandemic is 1 of the biggest threats to Canada’s proviso chain, and the best instrumentality to halt COVID-19 is vaccination.

“This is wherefore the authorities of Canada continues to instrumentality enactment to guarantee arsenic galore Canadians arsenic imaginable get vaccinated,” the spokesperson said successful an email.

The authorities volition proceed to enactment with the trucking manufacture to guarantee consciousness of the caller requirements to minimize adverse impacts connected the labour unit and proviso chains, Transport Canada added. 

But Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is urging the authorities to widen an exemption that had been successful spot for truckers since the commencement of the pandemic.

“Common consciousness tells america that we are astatine the highest of proviso concatenation constraints crossed North America, astir the world, immense inflation,” Kenney said astatine a press conference in Calgary connected Jan. 20.

Lich argues that communal consciousness hasn’t prevailed with the vaccine mandates due to the fact that the immense bulk of truckers thrust unsocial with small nationalist contact. She says adjacent galore vaccinated motortruck drivers are supporting the protest.

Lich says the trucker protestation radical plans connected causing roadworthy blockages successful Ottawa arsenic good arsenic large U.S. borderline crossings. Some Canadian and American truckers volition beryllium teaming up to block introduction successful an enactment of solidarity and to rise consciousness to the protestation question connected some sides of the border, she says.

“I don’t deliberation Trudeau realizes this, but some Parliament and the borders are going to travel to a screeching halt,” she said.

She emphasized nevertheless that each protests volition beryllium conducted peacefully.

The CTA has condemned vaccine mandate protests astatine the U.S.-Canada border or immoderate nationalist roadways, highways, and bridges.

“Members of the trucking manufacture who privation to publically explicit displeasure implicit authorities policies tin take to clasp an organized, lawful lawsuit connected Parliament Hill and not disrupt the travelling public,” CTA said successful a statement.

On Jan. 19, a radical of truck drivers protested the mandate astatine the US-Manitoba planetary border, blocking the road and slowing traffic.

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