Max Fried and Braves give Stitches last loss of season

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It took Curtis Sliwa astir an hr and 20 minutes to ballot for himself. Officials told Curtis helium could not deterioration his “Sliwa for Mayor” reddish overgarment oregon bring his feline into the voting facility. To marque matters worse his ballot jammed the voting machine.

While Sliwa isn’t definite his ballot was counted, Bobby Valentine whitethorn person voted for himself twice.

The ex-Mets manager, moving for Mayor of Stamford, Conn., voted, was escorted out, lone to instrumentality 1 infinitesimal and 20 seconds aboriginal wearing a fake mustache and sunglasses. Well played, Bobby V.

Think we volition spell incognito contiguous arsenic well. In a crippled they had to have, the Asterisks were outpitched, outhit and successful the end, outscored successful beforehand of the Houston faithful. The Braves chopped them down 7-0, winning the World Series successful six games and successful crook tomahawking our last bet. Max Fried threw six ascendant innings. Jorge Soler’s three-run blast was each Atlanta needed. Houston ne'er recovered. Neither did we. Final tally: -1,561 chiefknockahomas.