Mayoral Candidate Feuer Seeks 2022 Ballot Measure to Double Size of Council

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Los Angeles City Hall connected  March 3, 2018. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Los Angeles City Hall connected March 3, 2018. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said Nov. 1 that, arsenic portion of his mayoral campaign, helium volition question to person a ballot measurement adjacent twelvemonth to treble the size of the metropolis council, with each assembly subordinate receiving fractional their $223,829 salary.

Feuer archetypal announced his presumption to summation the fig of metropolis assembly members successful September, and helium reiterated that stance during a run code Monday extracurricular Los Angeles City Hall.

The L.A. City Council Redistricting Commission besides called for an summation successful assembly members successful its study to the assembly past week.

Meanwhile, some Feuer and the committee called for a afloat autarkic assemblage to beryllium assigned to redraw the districts successful 2031, alternatively of the metropolis assembly itself, which receives recommendations from the commission.

“Power implicit assembly boundaries has got to beryllium successful the hands of the people—not self-interested politicians controlling the process down the scenes to support their power,” Feuer said.

“It’s gotten truthful atrocious that commissioners themselves enactment my connection for a genuinely autarkic sheet to gully up districts. And cutting assembly districts successful fractional volition bring assembly members overmuch person to the communities they serve, starring to the much responsive and accountable enactment voters truthful desperately want.”

With a colonisation of astir 4 cardinal people, Los Angeles has 15 assembly members. New York, with astir treble Los Angeles’ population, has 51 assembly members; and Chicago, which has a colonisation of 2.7 million, has a governing assemblage with 50 aldermen.

“L.A.’s large problems request large ideas and leaders who’ve proven they tin deliver,” Feuer said.

“My Neighborhood Empowerment Plan would beryllium the archetypal structural betterment to City Hall successful a generation. And we request it now. Empowering our residents means putting them successful complaint of territory boundaries and giving them assembly members who respond rapidly to their concerns implicit everything from homelessness to nationalist information to postulation gridlock.”

Feuer’s run code came up of the City Council’s planned ballot Tuesday to make an Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee to pb the council’s process of redrawing the districts.

The assembly volition besides perceive a presumption Tuesday from the redistricting committee connected its projected map—which Council President Nury Martinez has already said “cannot reasonably determination forward” due to the fact that it “raises concerns for truthful galore marginalized communities.”

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