Media literacy helps students think critically about the news

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At Providence Englewood Charter School successful Chicago, teacher Jami Rhue, is giving students a acquisition successful captious thinking.  

"It was a newspaper. An online newspaper," Rhue said. "What's wrong of a paper and however that connects to position connected who's the author."

Rhue teaches media literacy, thing she says students request present much than ever.  

"They're taking this accusation and saying, 'Oh, that's it, that's the extremity of the story,'" she said. 

For Rhue, those lessons see examining newspapers and adjacent fashionable memes. 

"You had a assemblage of radical up apical and past you had the cameramen with those aforesaid astatine the aforesaid event, astir 10 steps behind," she said. 

"So that perspective, they didn't adjacent spot that determination was a difference," she said. 

The authorities of Illinois mandates media literacy lessons for precocious schoolers, and New Jersey requires the lessons for grades K-12. The extremity is to promote captious reasoning among a tech-savvy generation.   

"The media, which is what we're utilizing to get our accusation and to get our, you know, restitution from amusement and persuasion needs to beryllium analyzed, needs to beryllium consumed successful a thoughtful way," said Yonty Friesem, the co-director of the Media Education Lab.

That includes encouraging students to inquire themselves a fewer questions astir the things they consume. 

"The archetypal 1 is who's the writer and what's the intent of this message?" Friesem said. 

"What are they saying? What are they trying to get you to bash oregon power you to do?" Rhue said.  

News Literacy falls nether a larger media literacy umbrella and encourages students to recognize bias oregon mendacious accusation successful their quality sources, nary substance wherever they get their news.  

Ideally, the conception would beryllium taught by antithetic teachers crossed assorted subjects, similar subject and societal studies.  

Florida religion  offers up   abstraction  to thatch  AP African American Studies

Florida religion offers up abstraction to thatch AP African American Studies

Earlier this month, Florida's acquisition section rejected AP African-American Studies successful a missive to the College Board, which oversees AP classes.


"A mathematics class, due to the fact that you would deliberation astir things specified arsenic however bash we construe canvass numbers, however bash we construe statistics, those benignant of things," said Michael Spikes, the manager of Teach for Chicago Journalism Project astatine Northwestern University.

A 2021 report from Common Sense Media shows 38% of tweens person utilized societal media.  

And according to a survey from the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, students' content successful conspiracy theories are heightened astir property 14 — creating the cleanable tempest for some.  

"It you know, it exposes america to truthful galore much voices, a batch much than we heard before. But what is besides done is it's opened the doorway to tons of voices who whitethorn person sick intent erstwhile they enactment retired definite messages," Spikes said. 

Mike Webb VP of News Literacy Project, says students are susceptible to some mis and disinformation similar adults, peculiarly erstwhile it comes to societal media and things like COVID-19.   

"The shot player, Damar Hamlin, who got injured instantly wrong seconds of his injury, radical were saying, 'oh, that was COVID,'" said Mike Webb, elder VP of media and selling for the News Literacy Project.

He says determination are a variety of online resources for parents and teachers to assistance kids beryllium amended consumers.  

"My favourite 1 is you beryllium the exertion due to the fact that it puts you successful a script wherever there's been a car mishap and you person to find what really happened," Webb said. 

"Okay, truthful let's support it moving. Our mean mode offline publication," Rhue said. 

Rhue says she has a crisp bunch, but adjacent they are tripped up from clip to time; that’s wherever the lessons travel in.  

"Having them larn however to excavation deeper arsenic good arsenic supporting them and knowing — it's good to wonder," she said.