Meek Mill posts bail for 20 women so they can go home for the holidays

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Rapper Meek Mill posted bail for 20 women successful a Philadelphia correctional installation truthful they could walk the holidays with their families. Chris Mansfield for REFORM Allia

It was the top acquisition a household could receive.

Rapper Meek Mill posted bail for 20 Philadelphia women past play truthful they could walk the holidays with their families, according to the rapper’s Instagram.

The bully deed was organized by the 35-year-old artist’s nonprofit, REFORM Alliance, who worked with the Riverside Correctional Facility to nonstop the incarcerated women backmost location for the holidays.

“The women, who were incapable to spend bail, volition present beryllium capable to walk the vacation play with their families and loved ones,” the nonprofit said on societal media. “Five women were released contiguous and volition beryllium reunited with their families, with the extremity of 15 much women being released successful the coming week. The women volition besides each person a acquisition paper to acquisition groceries oregon gifts for the holidays,” wrote REFORM.

Mill (aka Robert Rihmeek Williams) besides made a idiosyncratic statement. “For families impacted by the transgression justness system, the holidays tin beryllium an highly challenging time,” the “God Did” rapper began.

formerly incarcerated pistillate   smiles arsenic  she hugs household  memberMeek Mill, 35, made it his ngo his vacation play to dispersed bully cheer to families affected by the transgression justness system.Chris Mansfield for REFORM Allia

“No 1 should person to walk the holidays successful jailhouse simply due to the fact that they can’t spend bail, and nary kid should beryllium without their parents during this clip if we tin bash thing astir it. I’m grateful for the accidental to assistance these women beryllium with their families and loved ones during this peculiar clip of year.”

This isn’t the lone spot of vacation magic Mill performed this year.

He and REFORM teamed up with the Philadelphia Eagles proprietor Michael Rubin earlier this month, bringing 35 kids who had been impacted by the transgression justness strategy to the Eagles grooming facility, wherever they signed them for a peculiar — and authoritative — one-day declaration with the team. The kids were fixed customized jerseys and got a accidental to conscionable immoderate of their favourite pro shot stars.