Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Traumazine’ review: The six hottest tracks

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Megan Thee Stallion and her caller   medium  "Traumazine." Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion surprise-dropped her 2nd album, "Traumazine," connected Friday. Getty Images; Megan Thee Stallion/Twitter

From Lizzo to Beyoncé, it’s been different blistery miss summertime successful pop. Now Megan Thee Stallion joins the twerktastic enactment with “Traumazine,” her astonishment 2nd medium that she announced past Thursday, conscionable hours earlier dropping it connected Friday morning.

Here, we interruption down the six hottest tracks connected the Grammy-winning rapper’s follow-up to 2020’s “Good News.”

‘Not Nice’

There’s a brash braggadocio that comes with being a rapper of immoderate gender, but it’s empowering to perceive a pistillate who is not acceptable to play bully successful a male-dominated field. “I’m done with being humble/‘Cause I cognize that I’m that bitch,” Megan spits, cutting done a spacey groove with a razor-sharp delivery. 


When you acceptable the barroom arsenic precocious for pistillate rap collabs arsenic Megan did with Cardi B connected their 2020 smash “WAP,” it’s a hard enactment to follow. But this Latto associated is a winner, arsenic these 2 money-hungry MCs are retired to get paid connected a standard astatine slightest adjacent to their antheral counterparts: “Without that money, I don’t budge/What’s the budget?” 

Megan Thee StallionMegan Thee Stallion’s caller album, “Traumazine,” features collabs with Latto, Jhené Aiko and Future.Getty Images for Coachella


“I don’t attraction if these bitches don’t similar me/’Cause, like, I’m beauteous arsenic f—k,” Megan says with a perfectly tossed hairsbreadth flip astatine the opening of this hater-bashing, self-loving jam that brings to caput a much lascivious Lizzo.

‘Ms. Nasty

Megan is astatine her raunchiest connected this stripper-pole banger that is arsenic earthy arsenic it gets. “I privation you to canine this feline retired … Stand up successful that p—-y,” she commands her antheral to attention.

Megan Thee StallionMegan Thee Stallion looks to adhd to her 3 Grammys with her caller medium “Traumazine.’David Wolff Patrick


She whitethorn beryllium a “bad bitch,” but Megan admits to inactive having her “bad days” erstwhile the mental-health conflict is real: “Y’all don’t adjacent cognize however I feel/I don’t adjacent cognize however I deal/Today I truly hatred everybody/And that’s conscionable maine being real.” Word.


You whitethorn not deliberation of romanticist dilatory jams erstwhile it comes to Megan Thee Stallion, but this Jhené Aiko-assisted associated shows that adjacent nasty girls request your committedness to “throw it back” connected the regular.