Meghan McCain Reveals Whoopi Goldberg ‘Turned On Her’ On ‘The View’: She Had ‘Open Disdain’ For Me

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In Meghan McCain’s caller memoir, she tore into Whoopi Goldberg for turning her backmost connected her and the ‘hurtful’ attraction that near a ‘scar connected our relationship.’

“When I archetypal joined The View successful 2017, I felt a transportation to Whoopi [Goldberg],” writes Meghan McCain in her caller audio memoir, Bad Republican, according to the excerpt published by Variety. Meghan, 36, said that Whoopi, 65, had “made a committedness to my begetter [John McCain] that she would look aft me, and she kept her connection for the archetypal 2 years that I was connected the show.” However, Meghan claimed that astir halfway done her four-year tally connected The View, things changed. “The happening astir Whoopi, though, is that she yields truthful overmuch powerfulness successful civilization and television, and erstwhile she turns connected you, it tin make unfathomable hostility astatine the table.”

Meghan claimed that Whoopi had “open disdain for me” during the show. Occasionally, if the show’s governmental sermon veered into territory that she recovered disagreeable, Whoopi would chopped maine off, sometimes harshly. Once, successful the mediate of a heated statement connected unrecorded TV, Whoopi singled maine retired and said, ‘Girl, delight halt talking close now.’ It instantly trended connected Twitter. And it truly hurt.” Hollywood Life has reached retired to Ms. Goldberg for remark connected Meghan’s remarks.


The speech Meghan brought up happened during the Dec. 16, 2019, episode. Meghan and Sunny Hostin were having a heated moment discussing Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings. When Whoopi, the show’s moderator, tried to determination the programme onto the adjacent segment, Meghan continued to talk. This prompted Whoopi to archer Meghan to “please, halt talking, close now.” Meghan, shocked, said successful a huff, “I won’t speech for the remainder of the show.” “I’m good with that. I’m good with that! If you’re going to behave similar this. You’re talking implicit people,” said Whoopi portion Meghan continued to talk implicit her.

Meghan, successful Bad Republican, besides noted that determination was different enactment betwixt her and Whoopi that damaged their relationship further. “Another clip she answered something I said by blurting retired ‘O.K.’ successful a code that declared she was some baffled and disgusted by what I had conscionable said,” said the girl of the precocious U.S. Senator. “This absorption besides went viral and near a scar connected our relationship.”

That conversation, as Vulture noted, came from a March 2021 episode, wherever Meghan went into a rant involving Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle, and Meghan’s now-Daily Mail coworker, Piers Morgan. “I privation to instrumentality this clip to promote each Americans to sojourn Mount Vernon and spot wherefore monarchies are stupid,” Meghan said. “The American experimentation is the mode to go, and if we person 2 American women — Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey — who are single-handedly finishing what George Washington and our revolutionary counterparts did, I’m each for it.”

It’s 2021 and we are each Whoopi.

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“Day aft day, week aft week, these things instrumentality a toll,” Meghan said successful her memoir. “You can’t ideate however it messes with your self-esteem moving successful an situation wherever the worst happening you tin beryllium successful the satellite is simply a Republican during the Trump years.” McCain said that she felt similar the co-hosts and unit “only knew 1 Republican — maine — and took retired each their choler connected me, adjacent though I didn’t adjacent ballot for Trump.”

“Bad Republican” is disposable on Audible connected Oct. 21.