Melissa Gorga Reveals ‘RHONJ’ Season 12 Is ‘A Lot Longer’ Than Previous Seasons

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Exclusive Interview

October 25, 2021 6:34PM EDT

Fans tin halt complaining astir ‘RHONJ’s shorter seasons due to the fact that Melissa Gorga conscionable revealed Season 12 volition beryllium ‘a batch longer’ than erstwhile ones.

When Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres successful aboriginal 2022, it’ll beryllium “a batch longer” than the past fewer seasons, Melissa Gorga confirmed to HollywoodLife astatine Mohegan Sun’s 25th day solemnisation connected Oct. 23. Melissa told america that the caller play is “crazy. It’s wild. It reminds maine of similar the table-flip craziness, truthful I deliberation the fans are going to emotion it. It’s a batch longer than the erstwhile ones. Everyone was asking for that, truthful they’re going to get it.”


“It’s going to beryllium precise shocking,” Melissa’s hubby Joe Gorga added earlier they spoke astir his sister, Teresa Giudice‘s, large news. Teresa and her partner, Luis Ruelas, got engaged past week, and they’re “very blessed for her”. However, Joe and Melissa wouldn’t accidental immoderate much than that, starring america to judge they whitethorn beryllium feuding again. And it would surely explicate wherefore everyone connected the formed has been saying the caller play is “wild”.

“We’re gonna permission it astatine that erstwhile it comes to Teresa!” Melissa said.

Anyway, it’s bully to perceive that the caller play of RHONJ volition beryllium overmuch longer than those that came earlier it. Normal seasons of The Real Housewives often nutrient much than 20 episodes, but RHONJ hasn’t gotten that precocious since Season 5 successful 2013. Season 11 was lone 15 episodes, portion the 5 seasons earlier that each averaged 18 episodes. So fans volition decidedly beryllium blessed to perceive that the caller 1 volition apt beryllium a instrumentality to signifier erstwhile it comes to the magnitude of the season. More episodes means much drama!

Bravo has yet to uncover an nonstop premiere date, but Season 12 of RHONJ is expected to debut successful aboriginal 2022.