Memos Show FBI Double Standard on Sexual Misconduct Favors Execs: Grassley

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Internal Department of Justice (DOJ) documents obtained from FBI whistleblowers amusement astatine slightest 44 high-level FBI officials either resigned oregon retired without being disciplined aft sexual misconduct charges were documented against them, according to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

Those 44 officials near the FBI earlier the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) was capable to record authoritative recommendations for due penalties, Grassley said successful a connection that was made disposable to The Epoch Times. The last disposition of 1 lawsuit successful which the FBI enforcement near the bureau aft OPR issued its determination is not known.

The 45—all of whom were members of the national government’s Senior Executive Service (SES)—were among a full of 665 FBI employees who were confirmed by investigators to person committed intersexual misconduct portion connected the occupation betwixt 2004 and 2020. The information was produced for a reappraisal conducted by DOJ’s Office of Disciplinary Appeals of FBI disciplinary records.

That reappraisal was prompted by a December 2020 Associated Press story that recovered 8 intersexual misconduct cases among FBI enforcement ranks. As a effect of the review, FBI Director Christopher Wray successful the aforesaid period issued a “zero tolerance” memo to agents regarding intersexual misconduct connected oregon disconnected duty.

But determination whitethorn beryllium galore much examples of intersexual misconduct among the FBI’s elder ranks that were not documented successful the DOJ review, according to Grassley’s statement.

“The information doesn’t see resignations oregon retirements that occurred anterior to the initiation of oregon during an ongoing misconduct investigation, truthful the existent fig of employees who departed the FBI pursuing allegations of intersexual misconduct could beryllium overmuch higher,” the Grassley connection said.

The documents provided by whistleblowers to Grassley besides bespeak the FBI has failed to instrumentality Wray’s argumentation efficaciously since it was announced astir 2 years ago.

“The lone discernible signifier appears to beryllium that higher-graded employees, particularly supervisors, are much apt to person their intersexual misconduct lawsuit adjudicated nether Offense Code 5.22, and truthful subjected to lesser penalties; whereas, lower-graded employees are seemingly much apt to beryllium adjudicated nether Offense Code 5.20, and person a statistically greater likelihood of being dismissed for their intersexual misconduct,” according to an interior DOJ study entitled “Inconsistent Adjudication of Non-Consensual Sexual Misconduct.”

That study observed that its findings “may springiness the quality the FBI is not holding its supervisors accountable for unwelcome intersexual conduct.”

In an Oct. 5 letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Wray, Grassley addressed aggregate questions to them and requested answers nary aboriginal than Oct. 14.

“Simply put, these 2 documents amusement a systemic nonaccomplishment wrong the Justice Department and FBI to support pistillate employees from intersexual harassment and intersexual misconduct successful the workplace and a nonaccomplishment to sufficiently punish employees for that aforesaid misconduct,” Grassley told Garland and Wray.

“FBI employees should not person to endure nether regular maltreatment and misconduct by their colleagues and supervisors. Congress has an work to execute an nonsubjective and autarkic reappraisal of the Justice Department’s and FBI’s failures and find the accuracy of the information contained successful the documents truthful that the American radical cognize and recognize what, if any, changes person been made to lick these important problems,” Grassley continued.

Grassley’s latest revelations, based connected documents he’s received from whistleblowers wrong DOJ and the FBI, are bound to fortify Republican legislature demands for broad investigations and reforms of the bureau.

Prior to the Grassley revelations, the FBI has not been publically associated with interior intersexual misconduct problems, but that changed erstwhile it was learned successful 2018 that 2 top-level employees were progressive successful an inappropriate narration that became nationalist erstwhile galore of their official emails were disclosed during a DOJ Inspector-General investigation.

Peter Strzok, an FBI Special Agent, and lawyer Lisa Page, Special Counsel to then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, were romantically progressive adjacent arsenic they participated successful immoderate of the bureau’s astir arguable investigations, including into allegations that President Donald Trump’s 2016 run was aided by Russia.

In 1 of the 2016 emails, Strzok told Page an “insurance policy” was needed to guarantee Trump did not decision his Democratic statesmanlike opponent, erstwhile Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The emails with Page were key evidence successful the FBI’s August 2018 determination to terminate Strzok, according to the missive from then-FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich. As The Epoch Times reported, Bowdich said successful the missive that helium was having trouble fathoming Strzok’s “repeated, sustained errors of judgement” portion starring the probe into the Trump-Russia allegations.

The FBI did not respond to The Epoch Times’ petition for remark connected Grassley’s revelations, but the bureau did archer the Associated Press successful a statement that “the FBI looks critically astatine ourselves and volition proceed to marque improvements. The bottommost enactment is, employees who perpetrate gross misconduct and intersexual harassment person nary spot successful the FBI.”

Mark Tapscott

Congressional Correspondent


Congressional Correspondent for The Epoch Times.