Mental health charity declines donation from Jamie Lynn Spears

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Jamie Lynn Spears’s connection to donate immoderate of the proceeds from her forthcoming memoir to a intelligence wellness organisation has been declined aft a backlash.

The younger sister of Britney Spears announced past week that she had finished penning her book, Things I Should Have Said. Due retired from Hachette’s Christian imprint Worthy Books successful January, it volition beryllium a “portrait of a wife, momma, sister, daughter, histrion and instrumentalist doing the champion she could to amusement up for herself and thatch her daughters to person the courageousness to emotion each portion of themselves, too”, according to the publisher.

Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears
Photograph: Hachette

Writing connected Instagram that she hoped the publication would assistance “anyone other retired determination who forgot their worth, mislaid their voice, oregon is trying to interruption an unhealthy rhythm successful their life”, Spears said that a information of the proceeds would beryllium going to the non-profit organisation This Is My Brave, “because I cognize however scary it tin beryllium to stock idiosyncratic struggles, particularly if you don’t consciousness you person the enactment oregon a harmless abstraction to bash so, and they are doing astonishing enactment to enactment and promote radical arsenic they bravely stock their experiences”.

This Is My Brave was started by Jennifer Marshall, who started retired blogging astir her bipolar upset and went connected to motorboat shows astatine which individuals stock their stories astir their struggles with intelligence health. The radical was flooded with disapproval from supporters of the #freebritney question aft Jamie Lynn announced plans to donate immoderate of her publication proceeds to enactment its work, and has present announced that it volition not beryllium accepting the donation.

“We heard you. We’re taking action,” it wrote connected Instagram. “We are profoundly atrocious to anyone we offended. We are declining the donation from Jamie Lynn Spears’s book.”

Jamie Lynn has been close-lipped astir the arguable conservatorship that saw Britney’s idiosyncratic and nonrecreational beingness managed by their father, which was suspended by a justice past month. Britney did not sanction her sister straight successful her public tribunal grounds this summer, but did accidental that she “would honestly similar to writer my family, to beryllium wholly honorable with you”, and that “my household has lived disconnected my conservatorship for 13 years”. Jamie Lynn, in an Instagram station this summer, said that “maybe I didn’t enactment [Britney the way] the nationalist would similar maine to with the hashtag connected a nationalist platform, but I tin guarantee you that I supported my sister agelong earlier determination was a hashtag, and I’ll enactment her agelong after”.