Met chief pledges to root out racists from police after further scandal

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The caller caput of the Metropolitan police has promised to basal retired “corrupting” unit with “constructive anger” aft it was revealed that precocious serving officers person been posting racist contented connected WhatsApp.

The Home Office has confirmed that it suspended Rob Lewis, an migration authoritative and erstwhile Met constabulary officer, who acceptable up the group, which often utilized racist connection and shared racist jokes and memes.

In effect to a BBC Newsnight report astir the group, the Met commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, said: “I volition beryllium ruthless successful rooting retired those corrupting officers and staff, including racists and misogynists, from our organisation.”

The Home Office said: “We expect the highest standards of our unit and person a zero-tolerance attack to anyone displaying racist, homophobic, misogynist oregon discriminatory behaviour. Where we are made alert of specified behaviour we volition not hesitate to instrumentality decisive action.”

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, suggested further grounds of racism successful the unit was apt to look successful the coming weeks.

In a notation to a forthcoming reappraisal into the Met’s standards and civilization by Louise Casey, Khan said: “There’s going beryllium further probable atrocious quality successful the adjacent fewer week, with Dame Louise Casey publishing her interim study astir what she has found. I asked her to look into the standards and culture. And I’m acrophobic her study whitethorn good beryllium sober speechmaking for those who are inactive successful denial astir the standard of problem.”

Newsnight reported that the WhatsApp radical shared racist images that were excessively violative to broadcast, and messages utilized “very strongest radical slurs” including the P-word and the N-word.

Some of the posts referred to the government’s argumentation of sending migrants to Rwanda, portion others joked astir flooding successful Pakistan, which near astir 1,700 radical dead. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex besides featured successful respective memes, alongside racist language, Newsnight said.

Several members of the radical utilized to enactment for the diplomatic extortion radical (DPG), a specializer operations subdivision of the Met that guards the Houses of Parliament and protects ministers. Newsnight reported that serving constabulary officers were portion of the radical until recently, but galore near pursuing the execution of Sarah Everard by a chap serving officer.

Dave Eden, a erstwhile subordinate of the DPG, shared the messages with the BBC to item the prejudice involved.

“There are references to achromatic politicians, which are highly unpleasant,” helium told the BBC. “The full undertone is 1 of racism and misogyny.”

The Met said it had contacted Eden’s representatives earlier this year, erstwhile it archetypal learned astir the messages, “but they declined to stock further details”. In a connection to Newsnight, it said: “We impulse them to reconsider truthful we tin instrumentality action.”

Eden said: “I don’t spot the system. I don’t spot nonrecreational standards oregon elder management, and if I was to ever talk to the Met it would beryllium idiosyncratic of precise elder rank.”

In a swipe astatine the erstwhile enactment of the Met, Rowley added: “I person taken implicit arsenic the person of an organisation that has been acold excessively anemic successful taking connected those who undermine the honorable and dedicated bulk who determinedly service the public.

“That volition change, and I volition proceed to question retired those, from some wrong and extracurricular the Met, with that constructive choler who tin assistance america reform.”

Commander Jon Savell, who is liable for professional standards astatine the Met, appealed to different whistleblowers to travel forward. “We entreaty to anyone who has accusation astir specified behaviour to marque contact,” Savell said.

Khan said the disclosure of the radical showed wherefore helium had needed to fire the erstwhile commissioner, Cressida Dick.

Speaking to LBC, helium said: “In the past 24 hours, a communicative is breached astir different illustration of a civilization of overt racism, sexism, misogyny, and the like. And what Londoners volition spot is simply a quality successful effect from this commissioner, who’s not successful denial, oregon has not been antiaircraft versus the erstwhile one. And it’s 1 of the reasons wherefore I mislaid assurance successful her.

“I deliberation you tin code this civilization with the close enactment astatine the top. First you’ve got to recognise there’s a problem, and past instrumentality steps to code that.”

Khan added: “One of the things astir that’s astir upsetting astir the Newsnight communicative is the deficiency of assurance an appalled constabulary serviceman had successful the system. That’s what Sir Mark is trying to alteration – wherever radical volition consciousness that if they study things that are wrong, enactment volition beryllium taken.”

He added: “If you’re reasoning astir joining the constabulary service, if you’re reasoning astir staying successful the constabulary service, there’s a zero tolerance towards this benignant of stuff.”

Last February, nether the Met’s erstwhile leadership, the unit denied it was plagued by a civilization of racism and misogyny after an authoritative study revealed shocking details of officers sharing messages astir hitting and raping women, arsenic good arsenic the deaths of achromatic babies and the Holocaust.