Metal Worker Sues Ex-employer Arconic for Religious Intolerance

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A Christian antheral was fired for saying the rainbow is simply a biblical awesome that should not beryllium appropriated by the LGBT movement

A longtime metalworks worker is suing his erstwhile employer, Pittsburgh-based Arconic, for religious discrimination aft helium was fired for expressing connected an anonymous institution survey his religious-based objection to the usage of the rainbow to correspond intersexual identity.

Specifically, the ex-employee, Daniel Snyder, who is present 63, was offended by Arconic’s choice, successful his view, to coopt the rainbow, a spiritual awesome from the Old Testament, to advocator for same-sex matrimony and sex ideology.

The ineligible ailment (pdf) successful Snyder v. Arconic Inc., lawsuit 3:22-cv-27, was filed May 18 successful U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa by the Thomas More Society, a nationalist national involvement instrumentality steadfast that focuses connected spiritual liberty.

The suit came aft Arconic reached a tentative statement connected a new, 4-year maestro declaration with the United Steelworkers covering astir 3,400 workers in Iowa, Tennessee, Indiana, and New York, pursuing a contentious labour dispute.

After 10 years of work Snyder was terminated arsenic an worker successful June 2021 from his pb relation presumption astatine Arconic’s lightweight metallic engineering and manufacturing installation successful Riverdale, Iowa, known arsenic the Davenport Works.

Snyder is seeking compensatory and punitive damages against Arconic for spiritual favoritism and retaliation due to the fact that of his religion nether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

Arconic fired Snyder, a devout Christian, based connected a azygous spiritual remark helium made successful responding to an anonymous institution survey. In his comment, Snyder objected to the company’s usage of the rainbow to beforehand “Gay Pride Month,” stating concisely that utilizing the rainbow this mode was “an abomination to God,” due to the fact that the rainbow “is not meant to beryllium a motion for intersexual gender.”

Snyder told Arconic officials his connection was based connected his profoundly held spiritual content that the Bible shows the rainbow is meant to beryllium a motion of the covenant betwixt God and man, not astir sex ideology.

Referenced successful Genesis 9:11-17, “The rainbow is the superior biblical awesome astir radical tin identify. Children successful Sunday schoolhouse larn aboriginal connected astir Noah’s ark and the rainbow that accompanies God’s committedness to ne'er again destruct the full world by flood[,]” according to “The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs and Symbols: Understanding Their Meaning and Significance,” by Neil Wilson and Nancy Ryken Taylor.

Despite this, the institution informed Snyder that his remark had been posted connected the institution “intranet”—which had not been his intention—and that it had offended a chap employee. Snyder was summarily suspended and past terminated, supposedly for violating Arconic’s “diversity policy.”

Snyder says Arconic did not effort to reasonably accommodate him, adjacent though his connection was evidently religious, and contempt the information that helium informed Arconic that helium would not effort to respond to immoderate aboriginal petition for his opinions again.

When Snyder advised institution officials that helium made his connection based connected his sincerely held Christian beliefs, a sheet of Arconic representatives responded “with derisive laughter,” treating Snyder arsenic if helium were a bigot, according to the ineligible complaint.

Arconic’s alleged diverseness argumentation is simply a sham due to the fact that it “actually punishes diverseness of opinion, allowing lone 1 opinion—the company’s approved communicative connected morally freighted issues—while treating immoderate employee’s spiritual sentiment oregon objection to the contrary, adjacent if intended to beryllium anonymous and expressed successful a azygous instance, arsenic grounds for contiguous termination with nary accommodation whatsoever,” the ailment states.

In reality, the diverseness argumentation is simply a argumentation of intolerance “designed to expel from Arconic’s workforce anyone who dissents for spiritual reasons from its firm motivation views, without the accidental for tenable accommodation.”

Martin A. Cannon, elder proceedings counsel for the Thomas More Society, said the lawsuit is “fairly striking, actually, connected the facts.”

Arconic had antecedently accommodated Snyder, for example, by agreeing not to docket him to enactment connected Sundays, Cannon told The Epoch Times successful an interview.

But aft helium expressed his views connected the usage of the rainbow arsenic a symbol, “the adjacent clip helium clocks successful they springiness him the bum’s rush, and he’s suspended, and past aft a portion they conscionable terminated.”

Arconic’s absorption to his expressed sentiment “violates Title VII and violates the comparable Iowa statute and violates communal sense, astir apt violates declaration law,” Cannon said.

“To this day, we don’t cognize who the supposedly offended idiosyncratic was –he hasn’t had a accidental to explicate himself to that person– and frankly, not that it would adjacent beryllium necessary. You don’t occurrence a feline due to the fact that helium expresses a spiritual belief. Period. He didn’t disrupt the workplace oregon origin anybody immoderate harm.”

Arconic’s diverseness argumentation is “basically zero tolerance for intimidation and harassment, but obviously, that lone goes 1 way.”

The Epoch Times reached retired to Arconic for remark but had not received a reply arsenic of property time.

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