Metropolitan police officer accused of rape goes on trial in Essex

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A Metropolitan constabulary serviceman accused of raping a pistillate told her helium thought she was “playing hard to get” erstwhile she told him no, a tribunal has been told.

She said that she and James Geoghegan kissed consensually successful her bedroom, but that helium past pulled her pyjama shorts down.

In a constabulary video played astatine Chelmsford crown court, the pistillate said: “I pulled them backmost up, and said, ‘No. Stop.’ He past pulled them backmost down.”

Geoghegan, 27, of Aylesbury successful Buckinghamshire, past allegedly raped the pistillate astatine her location successful Essex successful December 2018.

“I conscionable retrieve lying determination looking astatine the ceiling, thinking, ‘This is disgusting,’” she said.

The pistillate said helium fell dormant afterwards and that she cried. She added that she aboriginal asked him whether helium understood wherefore she was upset and whether helium remembered her asking him to stop.

“He said, ‘Yes, I thought you were conscionable playing around,’” the pistillate said, and that Geoghegan told her: “I thought you were conscionable playing hard to get and being flirty.”

A assemblage heard that they had been kissing earlier helium pulled her shorts off, that she told him nary and pulled them backmost up.

“He’s a batch stronger and bigger than maine and pulled them off,” she said. “I personally deliberation if idiosyncratic says stop, it means stop.”

She said they had been drinking connected the nighttime successful question. “There’s bits missing arsenic determination was rather a batch of portion involved.”

The prosecution barrister Wayne Cleaver told the court: “The prosecution lawsuit is simple: [the victim] said nary and [the victim] said halt and that is precisely what she meant.”

He said the suspect “disregarded her limits and decided alternatively to property on”.

“It was wholly unreasonable. He had nary tenable content that she was consenting, little inactive that she was inviting intersexual intercourse with him,” helium said.

“It whitethorn beryllium that helium felt that helium had waited agelong capable and this was his accidental to spell each the mode without immoderate existent respect to what she really wanted and to what she was intelligibly indicating.”

He said that arsenic a constabulary officer, Geoghegan had “professional insight” connected wherever “sexual boundaries whitethorn beryllium crossed”.

Geoghegan denies a complaint of rape. The proceedings continues.