Mets’ dream season would turn to nightmare with wild-card exit

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It has been a large Mets regular season. Winning 101 games ain’t easy, oregon they would person done it much than erstwhile earlier successful 60 years. 

Max Scherzer is everything they could person hoped for, worthy each penny of that $43.3 million. 

Jacob deGrom got backmost connected the mound for the 2nd half, and is seemingly present to assistance erstwhile it counts. 

Francisco Lindor got his mojo back

Jeff McNeil forgot astir the alleged rat oregon raccoon, oregon immoderate it was, and won himself a batting title

Brandon Nimmo scored 100 runs and became a Gold Glove-caliber halfway fielder. 

Pete Alonso solidified his presumption arsenic a slugging superstar. 

Yes indeed, our squad from Queens had 1 heck of a regular season. There’s nary uncertainty astir that. 

Then, of course, determination was that last Atlanta weekend, successful which they needed to triumph 1 of 3 games, and they didn’t bash it, making this full scary play bid versus the Padres necessary. 

“We should truly beryllium damn arrogant of what we accomplished,” Alonso said. “As overmuch arsenic woulda, coulda, shoulda, we won 101 games. That’s thing to beryllium truly damn arrogant of. … I consciousness similar we person the quality to beryllium the past squad standing. And careless of wherever we are successful the playoffs, to get to wherever we privation to be, we person to bushed each squad anyway.”

MetsThe Mets look a harsh world successful the chaotic card. Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

That feels virtually existent now, with what they face. It’s a daunting gauntlet nary 1 too their first-round hostile indispensable endure. They volition person to triumph 3 rounds, and rather perchance 2 against 100-win teams — the juggernaut Dodgers and the nemesis Braves — conscionable to get to the World Series. 

In a way, it’s each precise Mets-like. 

One-hundred-and-one wins should person been capable to get them a bye successful Round 1, but successful existent orange-and-blue fashion, it was 1 triumph excessively few. 

The play was astir 99 percent great. But if they don’t bushed San Diego, nary 1 volition remember. Or care. 

There’s a batch to similar astir this team, and plentifulness for them to fear. 

Should the Mets lose, just oregon not their large 101-win play volition beryllium little remembered than their disastrous wasted play successful Atlanta that triggered this unwanted wild-card round. 

You could accidental it’s precise Mets that they are the lone squad with 100-plus wins to person to endure this other round. You could telephone it unfair. But unfortunately, it’s reality. 

And let’s not kid ourselves, this wild-card matchup is acold from a definite thing. The Padres weren’t acrophobic of the Mets and kept trying to triumph until the precise end. That’s dissimilar the Phillies, who “rested” NL location tally champion Kyle Schwarber and prima catcher J.T. Realmuto successful crippled No. 161 against Justin Verlander, ensuring their presumption arsenic the sixth effect and mounting up a day with soft-tossing St. Louis. You can’t truly blasted Philly. They were 4-15 against the Mets this year. And nary 1 wants to look the Scherzer-deGrom combo. 

A Padres idiosyncratic confirmed they didn’t springiness a hoot, saying, arsenic Alonso did, that they knew they’d person to bushed the champion teams successful the playoffs, anyway. They’ve endured a ton already. Their full regular season, acknowledgment to uber-talented, but immature Fernando Tatis Jr., who disqualified himself with his amateurish chemistry efforts, has been precise soap operatic. 

Give them this, apical to bottommost the Padres’ enactment has go-for-it benignant guts. That’s however Juan Soto got to San Diego. While Soto is inactive getting utilized to San Diego (it’s hard to ideate wherefore anyone needs to acclimate himself to America’s astir beauteous burg), we cognize him good here. Soto has a 1.173 OPS astatine Citi Field. He loves it here, and he, for one, has ne'er feared the Mets. 

Soto’s erstwhile Nationals squad coincidentally conscionable made a speedy halt successful Queens that whitethorn person lifted the spirits of the Mets, who needed that pick-me-up aft their disastrous play successful Atlanta. Alonso pointed out, “Even though radical look astatine that Atlanta bid arsenic the last thing, realistically, determination were determination different opportunities to triumph the division.” 

What helium said is each true, of course. They mislaid 3 against the also-ran Cubs, and dropped a fewer much games to non contenders. 

But beingness successful the large metropolis comes with a price. And portion of that terms is that if they don’t triumph this bid versus San Diego, just oregon not, we volition each absorption connected that Braves series. And possibly conscionable a small connected this Padres matchup. 

If they suffer now, nary 1 volition callback they spent $290 cardinal and made america hide the Madoff years. 

No 1 volition retrieve that they brought successful 4 large escaped agents, and they each were great. 

No 1 volition callback they won much games than each successful franchise past but that brainsick clump successful 1986. Yes, adjacent 1 much than those Miracle Mets of 1969. 

If they don’t get past San Diego, the 101 wins volition go thing much than a footnote to a precise atrocious ending.