Mets gear up for Padres’ Yu Darvish who has had their number

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Francisco Lindor, who knows astir postseason pitching, surveyed what the Mets are astir to face. 

“You’re going to get everyone’s champion punch,” Lindor said Thursday earlier the Mets practiced astatine Citi Field. “We’re going to get theirs. We’re going to springiness them ours.” 

The occupation is, the Padres’ archetypal close hook has been a almighty one. 

Yu Darvish has been astir unhittable against the Mets some this play (0.64 ERA successful 14 innings) and during his 10-year vocation (2.56 ERA). 

The right-hander presents a situation dissimilar galore others, relying much connected an ocean-deep arsenal alternatively than 2 oregon 3 crafted offerings. In 2 starts against the Mets this season, Darvish threw six chiseled pitches, each of which helium commanded astatine antithetic speeds. 

Yu DarvishYu Darvish has had the Mets’ fig passim his MLB career. Getty Images

During a June 7 Padres triumph successful San Diego, Darvish’s champion transportation was a cutter, which the Mets swung astatine 15 times and missed eight. During a July 22 Padres triumph astatine Citi Field, Darvish’s splitter was astir effective, inducing whiffs connected six of the Mets’ 12 swings. 

“He has truthful galore antithetic pitches,” Padres manager Bob Melvin said earlier Darvish and Max Scherzer look disconnected successful Friday’s Game 1 of the wild-card series. “He ne'er stops. He ne'er says, ‘OK, these are the pitches I’m going to usage and I’m comfy with and consciousness bully about.’ He tin bash worldly connected the fly. 

“Even astatine the extremity of the season, helium was moving connected a fewer antithetic benignant pitches due to the fact that helium was facing teams successful our part aggregate times and wanted to springiness them antithetic looks.” 

The Mets whitethorn spot tweaked sinkers, sliders, four-seamers oregon curveballs. Whatever they person seen frankincense acold has near them frustrated. 

This year, Lindor is 0-for-6 against Darvish. Jeff McNeil is 0-for-4. Brandon Nimmo is 0-for-5 with 2 strikeouts. Eduardo Escobar is 1-for-6. 

Alonso is 1-for-3 against Darvish this season, missing astir of 1 crippled aft the four-time All-Star drilled him successful the hand. 

“There’s truly bully hitters implicit there,” Darvish, who holds a vocation 2.00 ERA successful 4 starts astatine Citi Field, said done an interpreter. “I consciousness similar I was possibly capable to peculiarly bid my pitches, find my pitches [in the 2 starts against the Mets this season].” 

Lindor called the 36-year-old Darvish “one of the champion pitchers successful the game.” The Mets volition lucifer with different 1 of the champion pitchers successful the game, and they recognize each basal runner volition count. 

“The borderline of mistake is precise small. To bushed him, you’ve got to person a bully starting effort by your guy,” manager Buck Showalter said. “Runs are going to beryllium astatine a premium. You get a accidental to currency something, you request to effort to propulsion it across. 

“Guys with large way records person games wherever they’re not arsenic bully arsenic they person been successful the past.”