Michael Carter excelling after contact led to best game with Jets

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Michael Carter’s attack for Sundays are ever the same.

“I spell into each crippled reasoning I’m going to marque an impact,” the Jets’ rookie moving backmost said. “I conscionable fto the crippled travel to maine and I effort not to bash excessively much. Just my job.”

He surely near his imprint connected the Jets’ 34-31 triumph implicit the Bengals astatine MetLife Stadium.

Carter enjoyed his champion crippled by acold arsenic a pro Sunday, rushing for 77 yards connected 15 carries and a touchdown, and catching 9 passes for 95 yards. Both were vocation highs.

“That goes to his survey habits, his signifier habits aft signifier and everything,” chap moving backmost Ty Johnson said. “It’s each been showing up essentially. He’s a rookie, but he’s proving that he’s built for this. He’s a vet successful a rookie’s body.”

A bully information of Carter’s breakthrough show came aft archetypal contact, arsenic the fourth-round prime either broke tackles oregon dragged defenders for other yardage. He bounced disconnected the Bengals similar a bowling bowl.

JetsMichael Carter had his champion time arsenic a Jet connected Sunday.Robert Sabo

When asked wherefore helium is truthful proficient astatine making guys miss oregon gaining yards aft contact, Carter smiled.

“I don’t know. If I did, I would not archer ya’ll,” helium joked.

Together, Johnson and Carter were a force, catching a combined 14 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown. The Bengals played brushed sum for ample stretches of the crippled against first-time starting backmost Mike White. The Jets’ moving backs made the astir of their opportunities, utilizing their velocity and spot to crook abbreviated completions into important gains.

“A batch of recognition to [offensive coordinator Mike] LaFleur. The feline loves the game, helium loves the game,” Carter said. “I deliberation helium did a truly bully occupation of putting america into presumption to win, and it conscionable came down to america executing. For the astir part, we did that.”