Michael Kay’s fall ratings win shows New York radio battle is back

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Upon his comeback to WFAN, erstwhile Craig Carton archetypal drew immoderate ratings blood, beating ESPN New York’s “The Michael Kay Show,” Carton had a memorable rant, emphasizing that determination are “winners” and “losers.” 

With Carton, it’s ever a small idiosyncratic — existent oregon imagined. That’s however helium does radio.

Carton quickly got to crow, arsenic helium and his partner, Evan Roberts, bushed Kay successful his archetypal afloat ratings publication backmost past winter. 

By the extremity of past spring, it appeared arsenic if it mightiness beryllium clip to telephone the combat with “Carton & Roberts” again having the belts strapped astir their waists. 

But, aft a period of the Nielsen Audio autumn book, it is ESPN New York’s “Kay Show” that is abruptly and decisively connected top. This is 4 rounds into a 12-round autumn bout, but it is Carton and Roberts searching for their mouthpieces.

Kay and his partners, Don La Greca and Peter Rosenberg, had a September 5.8 stock of men 25-54, the accepted metric the stations use. It was bully for 4th successful the market.

“Carton & Roberts” was astatine a 3.7 stock (tenth successful market), according to information from Nielsen Audio that includes some stations’ vigor and streaming numbers. The clip play these numbers correspond are for 3-6:30 p.m., erstwhile some shows are scheduled against each other. 

If you look astatine 3-7 p.m., some stations bash somewhat worse with ESPN (5.5/5th) inactive up connected WFAN (3.6/11th)

Figuring retired why the ratings person changed truthful suddenly is mostly a fool’s errand. They ever look somewhat whimsical.

However you look astatine it, the 5th large athletics successful New York — FAN vs. ESPN NY day ratings — is back. Though, bask it portion it lasts due to the fact that with ESPN’s concern with Good Karma successful the offing, it could extremity soon arsenic Good Karma is known to downplay the ratings.

“The Michael Kay Show” has been encouraged since the summertime ratings — a not arsenic important period, which is wherefore we are conscionable archetypal mentioning it now. The “Kay Show” bushed “C&R” successful the summer, which is not a accustomed metric due to the fact that it is erstwhile hosts instrumentality overmuch of their vacation.

The Kay program, for bully oregon bad, has its amusement down aft each these years. Like them oregon not, you cognize what you are getting. They are hanging out, making amusive of each different and mixing successful sports.

“Carton & Roberts,” astir to crook a twelvemonth old, is inactive evolving. Roberts has bent the genu to Carton, ceding power to him aft Carton’s three-year hiatus owed to his occupation with the law.

Carton provokes conflict. That is his apical move. He’s bully astatine it, if you similar to perceive to that benignant of thing. He knows however to bash radio.

What the FAN day amusement lacks is immoderate “You person to listen” consciousness connected existent sports topics. Roberts is knowledgeable, but lacks extent beyond what helium reads and observes. He has the enthusiasm of a 12-year-old for his teams, a bully trait for a host.

Carton likes to needle Roberts and, arsenic opposed to an ex-athlete, Roberts lone gives Carton dorkiness to prime apart. Making amusive of a erstwhile NFL MVP successful Boomer Esiason feels amended than it does with Roberts. 

To his credit, Carton is simply a pupil of the crippled and volition support moving to marque it travel more. We would person made the likeable Chris Lopresti a full-time update guy, arsenic helium gave the amusement immoderate segments of casual listening. 

Michael Kay catches arsenic  Ken Singleton throws retired  the archetypal  transportation   Michael Kay, seen present catching Ken Singleton’s ceremonial archetypal pitch, has immoderate section vigor contention connected Craig Carton.Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Carton is not that funny successful nuts-and-bolts sports talk, which is what Roberts did with his aged partner, Joe Benigno. Carton is close that, successful this integer age, you can’t conscionable statement mediate relievers. But, successful the afternoon, the FAN does request to beryllium the spot you crook to erstwhile a large communicative breaks.

The winners-and-losers rant was a bully one. Carton has made the contention with Kay precise personal. This fall, it is simply a combat again, and the archetypal 4 rounds person each been 10-8 to Kay. 

The remainder of the archetypal period ratings

“Boomer & Gio” (6.1 share/3rd successful market) are inactive starring successful the mornings from 6-10 a.m. ESPN NY’s “DiPietro & Rothenberg” had a bully showing from 5-8 (5.4/4th). From 8-10, “Keyshawn, JWill and Max” were 16th (2.3 share). From 10-2, “Moose & Maggie” earned a 3.8 share/8th successful market, portion the operation of “Greeny and whomever-is-filling-in-for-Greeny” and the archetypal hr of “Bart and Hahn” was astatine 2.6/14th successful market. When “Bart and Hahn” went one-on-one from 2-3 p.m. with “Carton & Roberts,” FAN won with a 5.0 stock (6th) to 2.6 (15th). This means the Kay amusement opens its programme from down erstwhile it comes connected the aerial astatine 3 p.m.