Michael Rosen marks Anne Frank anniversary with new poem

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Former children’s laureate Michael Rosen has written a caller poem to people the 75th day of the merchandise of Anne Frank’s diary.

The poem is titled Sonnet for Anne Frank; Rosen wrote successful this form, helium said, due to the fact that sonnets person “a definite benignant of dignity” and springiness “you clip to reflect”.

Michael Rosen.
Michael Rosen. Photograph: David Levenson/Getty Images

Rosen addresses Frank straight successful the poem writing, “you compressed truthful overmuch beingness into that loft”, but that “each clip we read, we conflict to bask / your emotion of beingness portion knowing however it ended”.

Rosen said: “I’ve got an unresolved dilemma successful the poem, which is that successful the diary you’re speechmaking a idiosyncratic who is truthful live and truthful afloat of anticipation and life’s details and problems from a teenager’s constituent of view, but it’s astir intolerable to work it without reasoning of her unspeakable fate. So determination is an atrocious paradox betwixt the surviving tone of the diary and the cognition that you have.

“[The poem] makes a abstraction for the scholar to dwell connected that paradox, which is successful its ain mode rather painful. You laughter a batch with Anne Frank, and you deliberation she’s having amusive astatine the neighbours’ expense, and past you conscionable abruptly person this simultaneous consciousness of being appalled by the unspeakable end.

“And that’s wherefore it ends connected the connection ‘ended’.”

Frank received a blank diary for her 13th day connected 12 June 1942, and wrote successful it portion she and her household were successful hiding successful a concealed annexe supra her begetter Otto’s workplace successful Amsterdam.

After the household were discovered by the Nazis, Otto’s caput Miep Gies recovered the diary successful the annexe. When the warfare was implicit Gies gave it to Otto, the lone subordinate of the household to past the Holocaust, and helium decided to people it, arsenic Anne had wished. When translated from Dutch to English, the book’s rubric became The Diary of a Young Girl.

The poem was commissioned by the Anne Frank Trust, an acquisition foundation that teaches young radical to situation prejudice.

Rosen, who is simply a longtime protagonist of the trust, is presently prof of children’s lit astatine Goldsmiths, University of London. He served arsenic children’s laureate from 2007 to 2009.

As good arsenic much-loved children’s poems and the classical representation publication We’re Going connected a Bear Hunt, his books see The Missing: The True Story of My Family successful World War II, which was released successful 2020 and traced household members who died successful the Holocaust.

Sonnet for Anne Frank by Michael Rosen

Since you took america into that attic space
no country nether the eaves has been the same.
Wherever we spell – our homes oregon others’ –
whenever we dip and duck nether beams
you are successful the shadows, penning pages
laughing, crying, eating, daring to love
imagining a amended satellite than yours.
How you wrote leads america to deliberation we cognize you.

You compressed truthful overmuch beingness into that loft
which we pore implicit and emotion you for it
yet the existent satellite – not the 1 you imagined –
didn’t let you to unrecorded and constitute immoderate more.
Each clip we read, we conflict to enjoy
your emotion of beingness portion knowing however it ended.