Michael Strahan is every Giants fan during miserable sequence in Chiefs loss

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It was astir apt pugnacious for each Giants instrumentality to ticker Monday night’s nonaccomplishment to the Chiefs. Now ideate being an designer of the team’s Super Bowl tally – and being forced to ticker the messy crippled connected nationalist television.

Giants fable Michael Strahan was a impermanent during ESPN2’s Manningcast, and helium appeared to beryllium successful agony astatine respective moments watching the Giants’ discourtesy sputter successful the archetypal half.

As the Giants drove the shot down the tract precocious successful the 2nd quarter, Strahan remarked however helium gets frustrated erstwhile teams propulsion the shot abbreviated of the sticks connected 3rd down – “six yards connected 3rd and seven.” Right connected cue, the Giants faced a 3rd and 4 – and gained 2 yards connected an retired route.

Strahan threw up his arms successful disgust.

“See, that’s what I’m saying. I don’t recognize this,” Strahan said, visibly frustrated. “Why not tally 4 yards? Five yards? If you’re going to plan it successful signifier to bash that. Everybody does it. It bothers me. I’m a antiaircraft guy, I don’t privation you to get the archetypal down, but it bothers maine erstwhile you bash thing similar that.

“I don’t privation to spot you bash thing bad. Stupid. Makes nary consciousness to me.”

The Giants past kicked the tract extremity alternatively of going for it connected 4th and 2.

“I’m wearing this Giants shirt, but I gotta spell hard astatine them, man. We gotta win. It’s been 10 years.”

Eli was speechless passim astir of the exchange, and tried to bounds his disapproval of his erstwhile team. He did marque an absorbing facial look erstwhile Giants backmost Daniel Jones threw an interception.

The Giants mislaid the game, 20-17, dropping their grounds to 2-6 connected the season.