Midnight Flights Carrying Illegal Aliens Into Florida Frustrating State Officials

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Florida’s recently appointed nationalist information czar says helium is frustrated with the Biden administration’s failed borderline policies and the information that hundreds of illegals are being “dumped” connected to Florida soil.

Larry Keefe says they are a load to taxpayers and, if they perpetrate crimes, they are to authorities and section instrumentality enforcement arsenic well.

Keefe was appointed successful September arsenic Florida’s nationalist information czar. He told The Epoch Times, successful a telephone interview, that the national authorities is flouting the instrumentality and the Biden medication is “making migration policies due to the fact that they couldn’t enact them legislatively.”

He said determination is not an “official count”, but much than 70 backstage charter flights person been reported coming into the Jacksonville airdrome with astatine slightest 36 passengers aboard each flight.

“This is not haphazard that these radical are coming present this way,” Keefe said. “This is simply a precision, military-like cognition wherever they are coming successful a covert and clandestine way.”

Keefe said that the flights onshore “in the mediate of the night” and the radical are met by “handlers” who escort the unaccompanied minors connected to chartered buses and are “dispersed passim the I-10 and I-95 corridor and spell arsenic acold down arsenic Miami.”

“This fig [70] is what we presently know, not counting what we don’t. It’s precise frustrating,” helium said. “Because lone the feds tin instrumentality enactment against immigration.”

Keefe said helium is trying precise hard not to telephone this an “investigation”, due to the fact that migration is simply a national enactment not a authorities one, but the national authorities leaves the states nary prime but to “defend and support themselves.”

He said that helium is “receiving reports” and cannot unfastened an probe until “you person impervious of a crime.”

It is Keefe’s content that Jacksonville was not randomly chosen, but targeted due to the fact that of its cardinal determination and its adjacent proximity to the 2 interstate systems.

“These flights are “secret and stealth” and the authorities of Florida has nary informing that they (illegal immigrants) are being resettled here, due to the fact that backstage non-profit, sometimes spiritual agencies, are being utilized—and are paid successful grants funded by the national government—to instrumentality the immigrants and resettle them passim the authorities of Florida,” helium said.

The governor’s property secretary, Christina Pushaw, estimated that borderline patrol agents person encountered astir 1.7 cardinal amerciable aliens this year.

“Border patrol is overwhelmed,” Pushaw told The Epoch Times. “There is nary effectual vetting arsenic to who these radical are coming into our country.”

Florida politician Ron DeSantis has reacted with an enforcement bid and appointing Keefe.

DeSantis blames the borderline situation connected the “Biden administration’s failed migration policies.”

The borders are overwhelmed and “cannot decently vet these immigrants,” helium said recently. “They person nary identifying papers erstwhile they get here, truthful determination is nary mode to archer who idiosyncratic is, oregon however aged they are.”

The politician explained that this is however immoderate of the immigrants get past borderline security, specified arsenic successful lawsuit of the antheral who told authorities that helium was 17 and was processed arsenic an unaccompanied minor.

He aboriginal turned retired to beryllium 24 years aged and is presently facing a execution complaint implicit the decease of  his benefactor, who was trying to assistance him physique a caller beingness successful Florida.

“The national authorities is the curator of accusation wherever the illegals are concerned,” Keefe continued. “The authorities of Florida lone cognize what the feds volition archer them and what the amerciable alien is consenting to archer them.”

Keefe said that often amerciable immigrants volition “stay nether the radar” to the constituent that they go “victims” of different amerciable cartels.  This puts undue hardship connected authorities and section instrumentality enforcement agencies, helium said.

“This is lone going to beryllium atrocious for instrumentality enforcement morale,” Keefe said. “They can’t deport them, due to the fact that they person nary powerfulness to bash so, they person to basal down and fto it happen.”

DeSantis signed an executive order in September to assistance combat the question of amerciable immigrants entering the authorities without warning.

The politician said helium initiated the bid due to the fact that the influx of illegals is taking its toll connected payer dollars and overwhelming authorities agencies.

“This enforcement bid makes it wide that Florida resources volition not beryllium utilized to “prop up the failed unfastened borderline docket enacted by this administration,” helium said successful September.

The enforcement bid addresses respective things:

  • It directs the Department of Children and Families to garbage to renew licenses to facilities that location unaccompanied minors;
  • It asks the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to behaviour audits of companiesto verify they bash not employment amerciable aliens;
  • It requires the FDLE to “lawfully stitchery accusation connected the fig and identities of amerciable aliens being transported from the borderline to Florida,”;
  • Encourages authorities instrumentality enforcement to “detain immoderate conveyance transporting amerciable aliens if determination is crushed suspicions it is being utilized for quality oregon cause trafficking,”;
  • and it requests accusation from authorities officials “on the fig of amerciable aliens who are pending transgression prosecution oregon person been convicted of a crime.”

Keefe said: “As a erstwhile U.S. Attorney, I saw amerciable aliens that would get deported, and travel back, and past get deported, and travel back, successful an endless cycle.

“The states, including Florida, carnivore the brunt of this cycle. Over the coming weeks and months, our authorities agencies volition beryllium addressing the impacts amerciable migration has had connected our state.”

Keefe said if “people are illegally successful the state, and they person breached (state) laws” they volition beryllium punished.

Jannis Falkenstern


Jannis Falkenstern is an Epoch Times newsman who covers the authorities of Florida.

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