Migrant dies attempting Channel crossing to reach UK

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A migrant has died aft attempting to transverse the Channel to get to the UK, French authorities person confirmed.

The Maritime Prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea said 1 idiosyncratic was recovered dormant connected the formation of Wissant, adjacent Calais, connected Thursday greeting aft the find of a vessel filled with water.

Two different radical were recovered suffering from hypothermia and treated by exigency services earlier being taken to a section hospital.

Another migrant died attempting the unsafe crossing connected Wednesday.

It is believed the idiosyncratic was unconscious erstwhile they were pulled from the h2o and pronounced dormant arsenic rescuers returned to the dock.

Another has been reported arsenic missing.

French authorities said much than 400 radical were rescued during a French-led rescue cognition successful the Strait of Calais connected Tuesday nighttime and into Wednesday.

UK authorities connected Tuesday rescued oregon intercepted 456 radical who had navigated engaged shipping lanes from France successful tiny boats.

According to information compiled by the PA quality agency, earlier that astatine slightest 19,756 radical had already reached the UK truthful acold this year, bringing the full to much than 20,200.

This is much than treble the full for the full of 2020.