Mike White injury just latest cruel joke for snake-bitten Jets

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The shot gods couldn’t beryllium that cruel, could they?

Aren’t 53 years without a Super Bowl capable for the Jets?

Wasn’t Vinny Testaverde rupturing his Achilles connected the opening time of a 1999 play that was expected to extremity successful a Super Bowl title enough?

Weren’t back-to-back AFC Championship crippled losses successful 2009 and 2010 enough?

Mike White had conscionable thrown his 4th TD walk successful 5 quarters and had tied the people against the Colts connected Thursday nighttime … and past helium was connected the sideline getting his forearm examined.

With 13:24 near successful the 2nd quarter, Josh Johnson was the backmost for the Jets.

White (7-for-11, 95 yards) spent the remainder of his nighttime watching Johnson, watching Colts 45, Jets 30, and wondering what mightiness person been — conscionable similar everyone other rooting for him.

Whiteout, archetypal for White, past rapidly for caput manager Robert Saleh and a matador defence that was obliterated by a stampeded of aggravated Colts.

Here was a kid trying to marque a sanction for himself, trying to beryllium Cinderella Man with Zach Wilson sidelined for arsenic agelong arsenic Saleh would fto him, trying to transportation Jets fans connected a magic carpet thrust retired of obscurity with him to who knows where?

Trainers analyse   Mike White's forearm aft  helium  exited with an wounded   successful  the archetypal  4th   of the Jets' 45-30 nonaccomplishment   to the Colts.Trainers analyse Mike White’s forearm aft helium exited with an wounded successful the archetypal 4th of the Jets’ 45-30 nonaccomplishment to the Colts.FOX Sports

Here was a kid who exhilarated and titillated the Jets and their long-suffering faithful past Sunday with a debut for the ages.

And present came different moment, connected the road, that hadn’t looked excessively large for him.

There was a adjacent interception by Zaire Franklin connected a abbreviated flea-flicker effort connected White’s opening possession.

The adjacent clip helium had the ball, helium was playing catch-up.

Which helium did. Immediately. He stood gangly successful the pocket, saw the field, delivered the ball. And erstwhile rookie Elijah Moore was near wide unfastened by a blown coverage, White recovered him for a 19-yard TD pass.

But his close limb had been deed by DeForest Buckner, and conscionable similar that, a blistery manus had been rendered frozen.

The timepiece had struck midnight connected Cinderella Man.

And conscionable similar that, a vocation journeyman who makes Ryan Fitzpatrick look similar a squatter tried his manus astatine being Mike White.

Mike WhiteMike WhiteGetty Images

The mode the Jets were playing defense, oregon weren’t playing defense, connected the crushed against Jonathan Taylor and successful the aerial against Carson Wentz, Broadway Joe couldn’t person beaten these Colts connected this night.

The mode the Jets were playing defense, oregon weren’t playing defense, old-timers mightiness person had flashbacks to John Unitas astatine backmost and Lenny Moore astatine moving back. Saleh didn’t get 1 of Joe Judge’s headsets, did he?

Johnson engineered a tract extremity thrust portion it was inactive a game, but by halftime, it was Colts 28, Jets 10 and it was already Garbage Time precocious successful the 3rd 4th erstwhile helium recovered Moore with a 19-yard TD walk … the ninth TD walk of a vocation successful the shadows that began successful 2009. His 10th and 11th scoring passes followed successful the 4th quarter.

The shot gods couldn’t beryllium that cruel, could they?

Wasn’t the Buttfumble enough?

Wasn’t Bill Belichick resigning arsenic “hc of the nyj” aft 24 hours connected the damn occupation enough?

Wasn’t Belichick and Tom Brady winning six Super Bowls unneurotic enough?

Fame is fleeting. Wilson is scheduled to instrumentality to signifier adjacent week. Will White beryllium steadfast capable to get different chance?

The encore wasn’t thing adjacent to the amusement opening. No 1 should person expected it to be. But this?

Wasn’t 2 years of Rich Kotite enough?

Wasn’t 2 years of Adam Gase enough?

Wasn’t losing retired connected Trevor Lawrence enough?

What did Mike White bash to merit this? What did Jets fans bash to merit this?