Ministers resist calls for inquiry into hospital worker’s attacks on female corpses

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Senior ministers are resisting calls for an contiguous autarkic enquiry into however a infirmary idiosyncratic was capable to onslaught astatine slightest 100 pistillate corpses successful mortuaries, arsenic Kent constabulary said they had been inundated with implicit 200 calls from those fearing
their loved ones whitethorn person been attacked aft their death.

Details of David Fuller’s unprecedented standard of offending emerged connected Thursday aft helium pleaded blameworthy to murdering 2 women successful 1987 successful Kent. He had besides utilized his occupation arsenic a infirmary electrician to participate the mortuary of a Tunbridge Wells hospital, wherever implicit 12 years helium raped and sexually abused astir 100 corpses ranging from children to the elderly.

The Guardian understands victims’ families person begun discussions with lawyers astir suing implicit the attacks connected their loved ones.

The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS spot has commissioned an autarkic investigation. But section MPs, Kent’s constabulary commissioner and the household of 1 unfortunate person backed calls for an autarkic inquiry.

Greg Clark, the Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells, said the issues were truthful immense that they went beyond a azygous NHS trust, and a nationalist enquiry was vital. He said: “Justice for the victims’ families requires that each acquisition that tin beryllium drawn from what they went though is taken. There are nationalist arsenic good arsenic section issues.”

Nevres Kemal, the parent  of Azra Kemal, speaks to the media aft  the inquest into the decease  of her girl  successful  Maidstone.
Nevres Kemal, the parent of Azra Kemal, speaks to the media aft the inquest into the decease of her girl successful Maidstone. Photograph: Michael Drummond/PA

Clark and different Kent MPs person besides written to the wellness secretary, Sajid Javid, and the location secretary, Priti Patel, to telephone for an contiguous inquiry.

The premier minister’s spokesperson connected Friday refused to perpetrate to a afloat enquiry and said they would hold for the NHS spot enquiry to conclude, which is expected to instrumentality respective months.

“We’re not ruling it out, but we request to fto the investigations that are already nether mode instrumentality place. It’s captious that we analyse this lawsuit thoroughly to spot what lessons tin beryllium learned,” they said.

Kent constabulary said: “As of this afternoon, the interaction centre had received astir 200 calls from members of the nationalist acrophobic their loved 1 whitethorn person been a unfortunate of David Fuller.”

Detectives said each the victims whitethorn not person been identified and appealed for immoderate accusation astir Fuller’s offending. The interaction fig is 0800 051 5270.

The lone household subordinate of a unfortunate to talk retired truthful acold besides demanded a afloat inquiry. Nevres Kemal, whose girl Azra, 24, died successful July 2020, told Sky News of her family’s ordeal.

Azra Kemal was placed successful the mortuary successful Tunbridge Wells aft she fell from a span and suffered fatal injuries. She was raped repeatedly by Fuller, who accessed the mortuary thousands of times utilizing his infirmary walk and filmed galore of his attacks.

Kemal said her girl was attacked conscionable earlier and aft she visited to accidental goodbye: “I had spent 2 hours successful the mortuary sleeping with her. And that gave maine immoderate benignant of comfort. Little did I cognize that my girl had been violated anterior to that time and the evening of that day.

“So, whilst I’m stroking my daughter’s hair, sleeping connected her hair, a antheral had … crawled each implicit her tegument … And there’s maine kissing and cuddling and saying my past goodbyes.”

Fuller researched galore of his victims, including Azra, aft the attacks. There was nary CCTV successful the portion of the mortuary the attacks took place. Kemal added: “No 1 checked. It was truthful simple. He would really maltreatment women portion porters were bringing successful bodies.” Fuller’s victims were aged 9 to 100 years old.

Nevres Kemal, a societal idiosyncratic who helped stroke the whistle connected Haringey assembly implicit the Baby P ungraded successful 2007, said the main enforcement of the NHS trust, Miles Scott, should resign.

She confronted Scott and said: “His effect was it’s up to the committee and helium had the backing of the board, and I told him, ‘the victim’s families are the committee – I americium the board’. I judge helium needs to resign.

“He should inquire the victims ‘do you deliberation I’m the champion idiosyncratic to beryllium managing this infirmary trust’? If you are genuinely sorry, you would measurement aside.”

The Centre for Women’s Justice, which has helped Kemal, said: “It is wide that women and girls are ne'er harmless from antheral violence, adjacent successful death. A due enquiry indispensable present instrumentality spot to research however Fuller was capable to proceed perpetrating these appalling acts implicit specified a agelong play of time.

“Necrophilia, oregon penetration of a corpse, archetypal became an offence nether the Sexual Offences Act 2003. The maximum condemnation for this transgression is conscionable 2 years. It is present clip for a much unfastened dialogue, nevertheless shocking, astir this offence and however it tin beryllium prevented. The shame resides successful Fuller and the main enforcement of the NHS spot who failed to forestall his actions.”

Fuller murdered Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, successful abstracted attacks successful Tunbridge Wells successful 1987. New investigation of decades-old DNA grounds led constabulary to hunt his location past year, wherever they recovered images of dormant women being abused by Fuller, a tribunal heard this week.

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadiness wellness secretary, said: “It is important that the caput of authorities listens to the concerns of the section MP and the families of those who person been involved, and establishes a full, swift nationalist inquiry, truthful that lessons tin beryllium learned from this appalling incidental and guarantee this is ne'er repeated.”

Matthew Scott, the police and transgression commissioner for Kent, backed a afloat enquiry and said an other £1m had been fixed by authorities to enactment families.

Scott said helium was shocked and appalled by Fuller’s crimes and apologised to the families, adding: “I americium assured that our mortuary contiguous is harmless and secure. But I americium determined to spot if determination are immoderate lessons to beryllium learned oregon systems to beryllium improved.”