MoD has settled 417 Iraq war compensation claims this year

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The Ministry of Defence has softly settled 417 Iraq compensation claims and paid retired respective cardinal pounds to resoluteness accusations that British troops subjected Iraqis to cruel and inhumane treatment, arbitrary detention oregon assault.

Individual claims that person been settled tally into the debased tens of thousands and travel precocious tribunal rulings that concluded determination were breaches of the Geneva conventions and the Human Rights Act, during the subject cognition that followed the penetration successful 2003.

Martyn Day, a elder spouse with Leigh Day, the solicitors that brought the action, said: “While we’ve had politicians similar David Cameron and Theresa May criticising america for supposedly ambulance chasing, the MoD has been softly settling claims.

“The settlements present screen a premix of cases, instances of mendacious imprisonment, assault,” the lawyer added. “What this shows is that erstwhile it comes to what amounts to policing successful a overseas state, the subject are simply not the close radical to bash it.”

Many of the details of the cases stay confidential, though 1 progressive the decease of a 13-year-old boy. But the fiscal settlements were based connected four trial cases concluded successful the precocious tribunal successful 2017. The 4 were awarded a full of £84,000 based connected 3 abstracted incidents.

At the clip 1 claimant was awarded £33,000 by Mr Justice Leggatt for unlawful detention and a beating it was determined helium had suffered successful 2007, by “one oregon much implements” astir apt firearm butts.

Two Iraqi merchant seamen received payments aft their detention successful 2003: 1 was awarded £28,000 aft an battle and hooding; portion a 2nd was awarded £10,000 due to the fact that they had besides been hooded.

Many of the caller claims besides impact hooding – wherever a sandbag oregon different hood is thrown implicit the caput of a detainee. The signifier was banned successful 1972 by Ted Heath, erstwhile helium was premier minister, though some British soldiers person admitted they were not alert of the order portion serving successful Iraq.

The MoD has not made immoderate nationalist announcement astir the claims, but an authoritative disclosure retired this week showed that the civilian actions had been resolved. It noted that 417 “Iraq backstage law” claims had been settled during 2020/21 and a further 13 relating to Afghanistan.

But determination is nary imaginable of immoderate transgression enactment pursuing 417 civilian settlements, aft respective years of often politically charged statement astir the behaviour of British soldiers successful Iraq during the years of combat operations, which ended successful 2011.

The authorities shut the Iraq historical allegations squad successful 2017, pursuing the decision of the arguable al-Sweady enquiry 3 years earlier.

That enquiry recovered that allegations that British troops had murdered detained Iraqis and mutilated their bodies were fabricated. The pb lawyer that had brought those claims, Phil Shiner, was subsequently struck off.

In April, the authorities passed the Overseas Operations Act, which introduced a presumption against transgression prosecutions for 5 years aft the lawsuit and a longstop to forestall civilian claims being brought aft six years.

At 1 point, Day and 2 colleagues were besides accused of nonrecreational misconduct for the mode successful which they had brought claims. But the 3 lawyers were exonerated pursuing a proceeding astatine the solicitor’s disciplinary tribunal.

An MoD spokesperson said: “Whilst the immense bulk of UK unit conducted themselves to the highest standards successful Iraq and Afghanistan, we admit that it has been indispensable to question negotiated settlements of outstanding claims successful some the Iraq civilian litigation and Afghan civilian litigation.”

They added that Service Police and the Service Prosecuting Authority remained unfastened to considering transgression allegations should caller grounds emerge.