Mom of Quebec Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Named Silver Cross Mother

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OTTAWA—Josée Simard inactive recalls the tone of playful mischief that ran done her daughter, Karine Blais, going backmost to people schoolhouse successful agrarian Quebec.

“Once we had a turtle astatine home. I was brushing my teeth, and she yelled, ’Mom, don’t brushwood your teeth with that brush!’” Simard said. It was the aforesaid 1 Blais was utilizing to scrub the family’s favored reptile.

“She was ever playing tricks similar that … The family’s small clown.”

In consequent years, Blais fused her light-hearted vigor with a consciousness of assemblage work and self-discipline, joining the Sea Cadets—a younker programme sponsored by the navy—at property 12 and enlisting successful the Canadian Armed Forces a period aft her 18th day successful 2006.

Three years later, she would beryllium killed erstwhile a roadside weaponry struck the armoured conveyance she was driving successful Afghanistan, not yet 2 weeks into her archetypal circuit of duty.

Blais was the lone Quebec pistillate killed successful Canada’s 12-year run successful Afghanistan, portion of a U.S.-led effort that came to a chaotic extremity successful August erstwhile the Taliban retook the country.

Her ma has present been named this year’s Silver Cross Mother by the Royal Canadian Legion. She volition laic a wreath astatine the National War Memorial connected Remembrance Day adjacent week connected behalf of each mothers who’ve mislaid children successful work to Canada.

In a telephone interrogation successful French, Simard said the nonaccomplishment of her kid shattered the family, leaving a lifelong wound, but that Blais’ tone lives connected successful their memories.

“It was incredibly achy for maine to fto my girl spell to a onshore of war. A phantom war. I was really, truly scared,” Simard said from her location successful Les Méchins, a seaside municipality of 1,200 successful Quebec’s Bas-Saint-Laurent region.

“She said to me, ‘Mom, I trained with my comrades to spell there.'”

“‘Listen to your heart,'” Simard told her. “Today, I wouldn’t person said the same.”

She said her beingness went “on pause” for respective years aft the calamity and that she yet opened a snack barroom to inhabit herself and flooded her grief.

The feeling of futility that acceptable successful for Simard arsenic Afghanistan fell to Islamic militants past summertime does not negate the sacrifice her girl made, she said.

“She was a devoted miss to her comrades,” infused with a consciousness of work that preceded her service, Simard said.

“She worked astatine the small dépanneur, and she told everyone, ‘I volition beryllium successful the military.’ The radical of the colony didn’t truly judge that Karine would ever leave,” her parent said. “But she did.”

Born Jan. 4, 1988, Blais grew up playing hockey and different squad sports and enjoyed biking and way hiking with her member Billy and her stepbrother and stepsister.

Many successful Les Méchins retrieve Blais arsenic the affable miss who worked down the antagonistic astatine the section convenience store. Town councillor Clement Marceau said astatine her ceremonial successful 2009 helium would ne'er hide her smile, which helium enjoyed each clip helium walked done the doors.

Karine Fortin, a puerility person who past saw Blais a period earlier her death, said she spoke astatine that clip astir starting a family.

“She was a nice, frank, sincere idiosyncratic who laughed a batch and was ever happy,” Fortin, who grew up connected the aforesaid street, told The Canadian Press little than 2 weeks aft her person died.

At the hometown commemoration, Blais’ uncle, Mario Blais, said it was clip for Ottawa to propulsion Canadian soldiers retired of Afghanistan and that helium feared she had died successful vain.

“Never hide that we are each precise arrogant of you,” helium told the service.

“I emotion you.”

Blais was killed and 4 Canadian soldiers injured April 13, 2009, erstwhile their Coyote reconnaissance conveyance struck an IED successful the Shah Wali Kot territory northbound of Kandahar city.

Although a subordinate of the 12me régiment blindé du Canada, Blais was serving with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal 22e Regiment – besides known arsenic the Van Doos.

Blais was Canada’s 2nd pistillate worker to dice successful combat successful the war−torn country.

She received an honorary, posthumous promotion to the fertile of corporal.

Blais’ representation lives connected successful a life-sized statue successful Les Méchins, backgrounded by the Saint Lawrence River, that commemorates her to passers−by connected Quebec’s Route 132.

“If you outcry due to the fact that the prima has gone retired of your life, your tears volition forestall you from seeing the stars,” reads the French inscription, transcribed from Bengali writer Rabindranath Tagore.

For Simard, the tears person ebbed, but not ceased.

“She was a imagination child,” she said.

“Now we instrumentality a caller breath, we larn to unrecorded without her. But she is ever contiguous successful our hearts.”

By Christopher Reynolds

The Canadian Press


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