More Than 130 Chicago City Workers File Lawsuit Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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More than 130 Chicago metropolis workers, consisting of firefighters, wellness attraction workers, and different archetypal responders, filed a lawsuit against the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, arguing the bid is unconstitutional.

The suit was filed successful Chicago’s national court, pushing backmost against Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s mandate that wellness attraction workers and different authorities employees indispensable beryllium afloat vaccinated against COVID-19.

The ineligible determination besides contrasts the bid by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot that required each metropolis workers to study their vaccination presumption earlier successful October. The suit claimed the authorities and metropolis mandates are authorities overreach and are, arsenic a result, “null and void.”

The metropolis idiosyncratic deadline to supply impervious of COVID-19 vaccination presumption was Oct. 15. Lightfoot said the argumentation is “about ensuring a harmless workplace, but fundamentally, it’s astir redeeming lives.”

Tomorrow is October 15, which is the past time for City employees to taxable impervious that they are afloat vaccinated.

The process is easy, elemental and HIPAA compliant.

This vaccine argumentation is astir ensuring a harmless workplace, but fundamentally, it’s astir redeeming lives.

— Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (@chicagosmayor) October 14, 2021

The politician besides thanked metropolis workers who met the deadline. In a station connected Oct. 18 connected Twitter, Lightfoot announced 79 percent of metropolis workers had confirmed their vaccination status, portion 84 percent of those reporting were afloat vaccinated.

I’m thankful to everyone who has demonstrated their civic work frankincense acold by keeping our workplaces and metropolis safe, and our national partners for moving done galore hard conversations to marque this milestone possible.

— Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (@chicagosmayor) October 18, 2021

The lawyer representing the metropolis workers has petitioned the tribunal for a impermanent restraining bid that would artifact enforcement of the mandates to support workers from being suspended oregon fired portion the pending ineligible substance continues.

The ineligible enactment comes arsenic 21 officers with the Chicago Police Department have been placed connected permission without wage for refusing to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status, arsenic required by a metropolis mandate, according to an official.

Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown confirmed the fig during a property league connected Tuesday, a time aft Lightfoot said that a “very tiny number” of officers had been enactment connected no-pay presumption for refusing to comply with the mandate aft being fixed respective opportunities to bash so.

Brown told reporters that 67.7 percent of the department’s 12,770 employees had truthful acold complied with a metropolis request to study their COVID-19 vaccination status. The section has the lowest compliance complaint with the city’s mandate of immoderate metropolis department, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

“This process has been evidently precise emotional,” Brown said connected Tuesday. “We person fixed them the clip and fixed them the mentation arsenic champion we tin connected the superior quality of violating the vaccine mandate.”

Brown said that the 21 officers inactive person the enactment to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Isabel van Brugen contributed to this report.

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