Morning mail: AstraZeneca doses wasted, Labor leads Coalition in polls, Australia v the climate

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Good morning. Scott Morrison’s canvass troubles, wasted AstraZeneca vaccine doses and unit for a papal apology each pb the docket today.

Nearly 1,000 vaccine providers person confirmed destroying expired AstraZeneca supplies, with more than 31,000 doses going to discarded nationally. Wastage rates person been debased until now, but waning uptake and ongoing section accumulation person prompted fears a larger proportionality of Australia’s 7m AstraZeneca banal could neglect to spell to use. Meanwhile businesses successful Victoria person urged the state’s authorities to driblet heavy cleanable mandates, successful enactment with emerging grounds of the “small role” aboveground transmission plays successful spreading the virus. Hospitals successful determination NSW are bracing for rising infections, with 60% of the state’s caller cases recorded extracurricular of Sydney.

The national Coalition has trailed Labor successful 8 of the past Guardian Essential polls, with Scott Morrison’s government facing a 53-47 deficit connected a two-party preferred measure. A large communications blitz by Clive Palmer’s United Australia enactment has besides produced a fillip successful the polls, with UAP securing 5% of respondents’ superior vote, portion One Nation slid to 3%.

Pope Francis has confirmed helium volition sojourn Canada, amid expanding calls for an apology from the Catholic church implicit the historical Indigenous kid maltreatment crisis. For much than a century, implicit 150,000 Indigenous children were forcibly taken from their families into residential schools, a systematic programme that has prompted apologies from the country’s government, arsenic good arsenic the Presbyterian, Anglican and United churches. No ceremonial apology has been issued by the Catholic church, but the find earlier this twelvemonth of 1,300 unmarked graves connected schoolhouse properties sparked caller calls for a reckoning from erstwhile administrators of the program.


Former Australian premier  ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd
Former Australian premier ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd questioned however broadly the section was interpreting their reporting obligations. Composite: Mick Tsikas/Joel Carrett/AAP

Freedom of accusation disclosures person revealed some Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd’s frustrations with the overseas power register, with the erstwhile calling it “such a hard website” and the second slamming officials’ “ridiculous”, “sweeping interpretation” of the act.

Australia lies unfastened to the hazard of foreign interference during elections, Labor’s lawman seat of parliament’s quality committee has suggested, accusing the authorities of failing to clarify bureau work for the issue.

Scott Morrison faces ongoing calls to merchandise the modelling underpinning the Coalition’s program for nett zero emissions, with exertion assemblage person Mike Cannon-Brookes calling the “technology not taxes” papers “inaction, misdirection and avoiding choices”.

The world

Taiwanese subject   helicopters adjacent   Taipei
Taiwanese subject helicopters rehearse a emblem flyby successful Taipei. Photograph: Daniel Ceng Shou-Yi/ZUMA Press Wire/REX/Shutterstock

Tensions betwixt the US and China implicit the antiauthoritarian land of Taiwan person increased, with China saying Taiwan has no close to articulation the UN. The effect was sparked by US caput of authorities Antony Blinken’s code marking the 50th day of Taiwan’s exclusion from the UN wide assembly, saying that it deserved “meaningful participation”.

Three constabulary officers person been killed and 70 much believed injured successful Pakistan, after gunmen from a banned Islamist party fired upon them, successful Lahore. Violent anti-French protests stemming from the country’s defence of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad are down the militant group’s outlawing.

Israel has approved 3,000 caller settler homes successful the occupied West Bank, a time aft emphatic disapproval of the project by US president Joe Biden. The decision, made by a committee wrong the defence ministry, is expected to trial the country’s fragile governing coalition, sections of which powerfully reason settlements.

Spain’s authorities obstruction institution has announced plans to unfastened a high-speed work between London and Paris, challenging Eurostar’s cognition crossed the Channel tunnel.

Recommended reads

George Upjohn astatine  home
George Upjohn is struggling to marque ends conscionable connected jobseeker aft being denied the disablement enactment pension. Photograph: Carly Earl/The Guardian

“George Upjohn is perpetually tired, his muscles ache, and helium volition commencement chemotherapy successful 2 weeks.” The erstwhile aviator is facing a combat for his beingness owed to a people 3 encephalon tumour, truthful his Centrelink disablement enactment exertion had been denied was gobsmacking, Luke Henriques-Gomes writes. Potentially thousands of crab suffers are denied disablement payments owed to good people that specifies that conditions indispensable beryllium “fully diagnosed, treated and stabilised” earlier payments tin statesman – unless claimants are terminally ill. And according to ACOSS main enforcement Cassandra Goldie, exemptions specified arsenic George’s are portion of a “long-term deliberate authorities policy”.

“There remains small grounds that Australia is astir to participate a play of precocious inflation.” But for each the hand-wringing and prognoses of doom from would-be economical Cassandras, says Greg Jericho: “there is zero grounds of this occurring, and surely not present successful Australia.”

There person been galore large Michael Caine impersonations, but what other tin we larn from the legendary actor? Ben Russell has besides done immoderate acting, and he’s our impermanent curator for this week’s ten funniest things connected the internet. His database besides includes Michael Caine, sensual canoe work, and a magic ball, called Fushigi.


Cop26 has been billed arsenic the world’s “best, past chance” to rein successful planetary heating. On portion 4 of Australia v the climate, our adept sheet explores the relation of the fossil substance lobbies, and their power implicit Australia’s clime authorities implicit past decades.

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Australia v the clime portion four: fossil fuels

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F1 driver, Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen presently holds the borderline successful this year’s enthralling title duel. Photograph: Dppi/LiveMedia/REX/Shutterstock

It’s been years since Formula One has enjoyed a title contention this tight. But arsenic Verstappen v Hamilton goes close down to the wire, Giles Richards explains, “nerveless, flawless execution volition beryllium imperative”.

On the heels of their emphatic triumph implicit the West Indies, England person reiterated their World Cup credentials, with an imperious eight-wicket win against Bangladesh. Buoyed by his side’s show successful the field, opener Jason Roy made abbreviated enactment of his opponent’s bowling.

Media roundup

Labor is divided implicit whether to instrumentality an ambitious clime alteration presumption to the adjacent national election, the Financial Review claims, oregon to prosecute a tiny people strategy, arsenic galore successful the enactment inactive blasted the contented for contributing to the daze 2019 predetermination loss. And Tasmania has erstwhile again broken spot merchantability records, the Mercury reports, with astir $4.5bn worthy of spot going nether the hammer successful the archetypal 9 months of 2021.

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics is acceptable to merchandise provisional information connected the changing patterns of mortality during the Covid pandemic and betterment period.

Victoria’s projected electoral boundaries volition beryllium released.

And if you’ve work this acold …

Plagiarism is simply a sticky concern successful which galore assemblage students person recovered themselves. But it’s particularly unwelcome erstwhile you’re the premier curate of Luxembourg. A elaborate media probe has revealed that 54 pages of Xavier Bettel’s 56-page master’s thesis were extensively plagiarised – including 20 pages taken straight from the website of the European parliament. The 48-year-old, who submitted the enactment implicit 2 decades ago, has said the enactment was written with a wide conscience – but that possibly “it could person … been done differently”.

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