Morning mail: Boris Johnson’s Cop26 fears, Victoria police payout, alien false alarm

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Good morning. Victoria constabulary volition wage a $11.75m colony to a antheral who was near a quadriplegic aft officers allegedly assaulted him. And Boris Johnson has labelled Australia’s committedness to nett zero by 2050 “heroic” portion admitting Cop26 could autumn short.

UK premier curate Boris Johnson has admitted Britain could neglect to broker capable adequate deals to curb irreversible and devastating clime change astatine the planetary acme of satellite leaders opening successful Scotland aboriginal this month. The British premier curate said it was “touch and go” whether the Cop26 lawsuit would beryllium a success, arsenic helium told businesses it was their occupation to importantly trim the magnitude of single-use integrative they nutrient and described placing excessively overmuch work connected radical to recycle arsenic a “red herring”. Johnson besides hailed Australia’s pledge to chopped emissions to nett zero by 2050 arsenic “a heroic thing”. Scott Morrison’s furniture was expected to sign disconnected connected the woody with the Nationals connected Monday night, adjacent with Barnaby Joyce refusing to accidental if helium personally supported the target.

Victoria constabulary volition wage an $11.75 cardinal colony to a antheral who was near a quadriplegic aft officers allegedly injured him portion responding to a sound ailment successful 2017. Earlier this month, Victoria’s ultimate tribunal confirmed the colony bid to Chris Karadaglis, which is believed to beryllium 1 of the highest paid by the unit successful its history. Karadaglis alleged successful a connection of assertion filed to the tribunal past twelvemonth that helium was unsocial successful his location successful Warrnambool, successful Victoria’s south-west, erstwhile 3 constabulary officers arrived successful effect to a sound ailment successful November, 2017. He claimed helium was placed successful a headlock, and the officers restrained him with specified unit that they severely injured his spine, rendering him a quadriplegic.

Sudan’s subject has launched a coup, arresting starring politicians and declaring a authorities of emergency, arsenic thousands of protesters who flooded the streets of Khartoum successful absorption reportedly faced gunfire. Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who headed Sudan’s power-sharing sovereign council, justified the seizure of powerfulness by saying infighting betwixt the subject and civilian parties threatened the country’s stability. The premier minister, Abdalla Hamdok, was detained overnight and moved to an undisclosed determination aft refusing to contented a connection successful enactment of the coup, said the accusation ministry, which was inactive seemingly nether the power of Hamdok’s supporters.


A borderline  unit  serviceman  checks a passport.
Business groups are urging the Morrison authorities to treble the skilled migration intake during the betterment from Covid-19 but not each voters are convinced this is the close path. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

Australian voters are rethinking migration aft extended borderline closures, with the fig of voters believing levels are excessively precocious dropping from 56% successful January 2019, and 64% the twelvemonth earlier that, to 37% successful the latest Guardian Essential survey.

Qantas is successful treatment with the national authorities aft Australians overseas raised concerns they would beryllium hampered from returning location owed to differing vaccine requirements for children. The Australian and UK governments presently person antithetic requirements connected the vaccination of children. While Australia requires 2 doses, the UK allows for lone 1 successful the immense bulk of cases.

The New South Wales authorities urged the premier minister’s section to remove Santos’ Narrabri state task from a database of developments it wanted to unreserved done the support process, informing it would “undermine nationalist trust”, documents released nether state of accusation show.

Nearly half of the refugees and asylum seekers held by the Australian Border Force wrong Melbourne’s Park edifice person present tested affirmative for the Delta strain of Covid-19. Twenty of the 46 men held successful the edifice are present confirmed cases.

The world

Two children successful  infirmary  successful  Kandahar
Marwa, left, and Memala, some 18 months and from Kandahar’s Zhari district, are suffering from malnutrition and are being treated astatine Mirwais infirmary successful Kandahar. Photograph: Stefanie Glinski/The Guardian

More than fractional of Afghanistan’s colonisation is facing acute hunger arsenic the state has been thrown into 1 of the world’s largest nutrient crises. Almost 23 cardinal Afghans volition beryllium bare owed to conflict, drought and an economical downturn, the United Nations has warned.

A erstwhile Facebook worker has called for urgent outer regularisation of the platform, noting that Mark Zuckerberg “has unilateral power implicit 3 cardinal people”. The whistleblower released tens of thousands of damaging documents and gave qualified backing to UK authorities proposals to modulate societal media platforms.

Levels of climate-heating gases successful the ambiance deed grounds levels successful 2020, contempt coronavirus-related lockdowns, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization has announced.

Alec Baldwin was practising a country that progressive him pointing a weapon “towards the camera lens” erstwhile it accidentally went off, sidesplitting his manager of photography, according to a written connection by the film’s director.

A Dutch scientist has told an interviewer from a paper that helium gave “suicide powder” to much than 100 people and that helium was speaking retired successful an effort to provoke statement astir the Netherlands’ laws connected assisted dying.

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Nora Ephron said ‘black makes your beingness  truthful  overmuch  simpler. Everything matches black, particularly  black.’
Nora Ephron said ‘everything matches black, particularly black’. Photograph: Stephen Parker/Alamy

“Everyone I cognize has a closet afloat of achromatic clothes,” wrote the precocious writer and manager Nora Ephron successful an effort called On Maintenance. Here is immoderate expert advice connected however to support the achromatic items successful your wardrobe because, arsenic Ephron wrote, “black makes your beingness truthful overmuch simpler. Everything matches black, particularly black.”

In Hannah Kent’s 3rd novel, Devotion, she loosens her ties to archives, exploring alternatively the absences and silences of humanities texts to hunt for stories of untold, queer humanities romances. “There’s truthful small practice of queer relationships from that time, and truthful I started to wonder, ‘Is it adjacent imaginable to bash this wrong that historical, spiritual context?’” she tells the Guardian. “That’s truly what led to a batch much imaginativeness and originative freedom.”

“Villages, communities, multigenerational surviving setups: they’re the mode we’ve lived for millennia, and are profoundly rooted successful our cores,” writes Sophie Brickman. “Without them, we wouldn’t person survived arsenic a species.” After spending lockdown with her parents, Brickman saw however adjuvant it tin beryllium to person other hands to assistance rise her children, starring her to wonder: should we rethink the atomic family?


Billed arsenic the world’s “best, past chance” to get planetary heating nether control, Cop26 has a large goal: to unafraid planetary net-zero emissions by 2050 and support 1.5C wrong reach.

Australia’s clime study paper is poor, pursuing decades of governmental squabbling, argumentation failures, enactment coups, clime scepticism and mediocre planning. And yet astir Australians person experienced the worsening clime situation – devastating bushfires, floods, utmost upwind and nonaccomplishment of taxon and habitat.

Australia v the climate looks astatine however we got here, what’s gone wrong, and what tin beryllium done to alteration course. Part two, Copenhagen, examines Australia nether the Rudd and Gillard governments – erstwhile it could person been a contender connected climate.

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Unvaccinated tennis players could beryllium allowed to question to Melbourne and vie astatine the Australian Open, according to an email sent to WTA players that appears to contradict erstwhile national and authorities authorities advice. Last week the migration minister, Alex Hawke, said players who were unvaccinated oregon would not uncover their vaccine presumption would not beryllium allowed to participate Australia, placing satellite No 1 Novak Djokovic successful uncertainty for the January tournament.

Media roundup

The parent of missing four-year-old Cleo Smith has made a heart-wrenching plea connected Channel Seven to the idiosyncratic who kidnapped her. “Just bring our miss location safe,” she said. “Give her backmost to us.” The Victorian premier volition beryllium given greater power to state pandemics and marque nationalist wellness orders enforced for 3 months astatine a time, nether projected caller laws, the ABC reports.

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Scott Morrison is expected to unveil however Australia volition scope the extremity of c neutrality by 2050.

The royal committee into Crown Resorts’s Victorian operations, including its Melbourne casino, volition manus down its last report.

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Astronomers searching for alien beingness thought they had spotted signs of quality beyond the star strategy – but the signals turned retired to beryllium human.

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