Morning mail: French fury over leaked message, Australia’s fossil fuel projects, heartwarming reunion

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Good morning. France is furious implicit the increasing ungraded of a leaked substance connection from the French president to Scott Morrison, and satellite leaders proceed to marque pledges to combat the clime situation astatine Cop26.

French officials person vented their fury astatine the leaking of a substance connection from Emmanuel Macron to Morrison, arsenic the premier curate faces accusations helium has put his personal governmental interests up of healing the rift. “Confidence has been wholly shattered,” a adjacent advisor to Macron said, calling the merchandise of the substance “a beauteous crude and unconventional tactic”. “It is not the benignant of happening that is apt to amended relations betwixt France and Australia,” the advisor said. The message, successful which the French president asked Morrison whether to expect bully oregon atrocious quality connected the submarine project, was shared to reenforce Australia’s presumption that France wasn’t blindsided astir the cancellation of the $90bn submarine deal, but France argued it showed that Macron “did not cognize what signifier the discussions had got to”.

At the Cop26 acme today, US president Joe Biden has announced a pledge to chopped planetary methane emissions by 30% by 2030. Reducing these emissions was touted arsenic 1 of the astir contiguous opportunities to dilatory planetary heating up of the summit. World leaders agreed to coordinate the instauration of cleanable technologies successful bid to rapidly thrust down their cost. African countries are preparing to walk astatine slightest US$6bn a twelvemonth from their taxation revenues adapting to the impacts of the clime crisis and are calling connected the affluent satellite to supply US$2.5bn a year for the adjacent 5 years to alteration them to conscionable their goals. And Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, has defended his travel to space, telling delegates that it made him realise however “finite and fragile” the Earth is.

Australia has much than 100 fossil substance developments successful the pipeline that could effect successful the equivalent of astir 5% of planetary concern emissions if each were to spell ahead, an investigation says. The Australian authorities lists 116 large ember and state projects nether development, and portion not each volition beryllium built, a caller study says it is an denotation of the fossil substance improvement that continues successful Australia contempt the Morrison authorities committing to nett zero emissions by 2050.


Attorney wide   Michaelia Cash
Attorney wide Michaelia Cash is attempting to flooded part among Coalition MPs implicit a caller spiritual favoritism bill. Photograph: Mike Bowers/The Guardian

Coalition MPs are divided implicit the government’s revised spiritual favoritism bill, which is facing resistance implicit 3 issues, including the “Folau clause” that would springiness ineligible extortion to idiosyncratic expressing a connection of belief.

The Royal Melbourne infirmary is down 51 unit who are refusing to beryllium vaccinated against Covid. These unit represented conscionable 0.45% of the hospital’s workforce and included nurses, ward clerks and objective positions – though nary were doctors.

Australia’s national fund is acceptable for a post-lockdown bounce earlier settling into deficits of $60bn a year, an independent investigation has warned. The investigation says the “ongoing shortfall” successful aboriginal budgets could lone beryllium wiped retired by raising GST to 17% oregon expanding marginal income taxation by 5.5%.

The world

Sarajevo, Bosnia
Eufor soldiers transportation retired an workout successful Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina connected 1 October. Photograph: Fehim Demir/EPA

The planetary community’s main typical successful Bosnia has warned that the state is successful imminent information of breaking apart, and determination is simply a “very real” imaginable of a instrumentality to conflict.

Ethiopia has declared a authorities of emergency aft forces from the bluish portion of Tigray said they were gaining territory and considering marching connected the superior Addis Ababa.

A Canadian world specialising successful Indigenous wellness issues has been placed connected administrative leave aft an probe challenged her claims of Indigenous ancestry.

A Polish pistillate died from septic daze successful her 22nd week of pregnancy, successful what activists accidental is simply a effect of a caller regularisation of the country’s termination law. According to a lawyer for the family, doctors did not execute an abortion, adjacent though her foetus was lacking amniotic fluid.

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Kirsten Dunst arsenic  Krystal Stubb
Kirsten Dunst arsenic Krystal Stubbs successful the unusual and sometimes surrealist On Becoming a God successful Central Florida. Photograph: Everett Collection Inc/Alamy

On Becoming a God successful Central Florida deed the tiny surface successful 2019, and sees Kirsten Dunst play the kitsch pyramid strategy queen successful a amusement that upends the phantasy of the American dream. “There are fewer greater joys than watching a performer arsenic skilled arsenic Kirsten Dunst truly go for it, immoderate ‘it’ whitethorn be,” writes Tiia Kelly.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, a Sydney-based sculptor and ceramicist, is known for his vivid Technicolor creations. Nithiyendran has recovered keeping ocular diaries indispensable to his practice. He rates those spiral bound diaries – which helium fills successful with texta sketches of imaginable sculptural works – arsenic his astir utile object. He tells america wherefore those pages are truthful hard to portion with, arsenic good arsenic the stories of a fewer different important idiosyncratic belongings.


The Park edifice successful Melbourne, which is being utilized arsenic a spot of detention for refugees and asylum seekers, is presently the tract of a Covid outbreak. It follows months of warnings astir the “high-risk environment” for transmission and calls for each radical held determination to beryllium released. In today’s Full Story, Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to detained exile Mustafa Salah and newsman Ben Doherty astir beingness wrong the edifice arsenic this outbreak spreads.

Full Story

Panic, fearfulness and Covid-19 wrong a Melbourne hotel

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When Gadia Zrihan’s household were forced to permission their canine behind, they near a portion of themselves excessively – a portion they feared they could ne'er get back. Lifestyle exertion Alyx Gorman recommends this communicative astir a heartwarming successful during uncertain times for today’s Australia Reads.

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Crowds astatine the Melbourne Cup are dwindling successful size and less Australians are gambling connected equine races – but those inactive having a punt are spending more. A survey found more radical “bloody hatred gambling”, yet turnover keeps increasing, from $22.9bn successful 2010-11 to $26.9bn successful 2018-19.

The modern pentathlon’s governing assemblage has secretly voted to ditch equine riding and regenerate it with cycling, a determination hastened erstwhile a equine was punched astatine the Tokyo Olympics by a German coach.

Media roundup

NSW premier Dominic Perrottet has ordered a reappraisal of his government’s processes for awarding taxpayer-funded grants, aft Gladys Berejiklian’s quality astatine a corruption enquiry reignited controversy implicit pork-barrelling successful marginal seats, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Embattled Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith is refusing to discontinue authorities parliament aft crashing his car portion driving much than 2½ times implicit the ineligible intoxicant limit, reports the Age. Emails from the Royal Adelaide infirmary concerning organ transplants are being rejected arsenic spam by a Melbourne hospital, reports the Advertiser.

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