Morning mail: Taylor promotes fossil fuels, US announces climate package, Melbourne’s new freedoms

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Good morning. Angus Taylor is getting acceptable to spruik Australia’s fossil fuels projects astatine Cop26 adjacent week, arsenic the Biden medication announces grounds spending connected clime alteration action. And Melburnians tin bask caller freedoms from aboriginal today.

Australia’s emissions simplification minister, Angus Taylor, has declared he volition beforehand Australia arsenic a bully spot to put successful fossil substance projects at the Cop26 clime acme successful Glasgow. In a provocative connection connected Thursday, Taylor confirmed helium would be the archetypal week of the important acme and archer the satellite Australia was a “safe and reliable destination to put successful gas, hydrogen and caller vigor technologies”. It followed his announcement that the Morrison authorities had rejected a telephone to articulation the US and European countries successful a planetary pledge to chopped emissions of methane – a potent greenhouse state released during state extraction and proscription – by 30% by 2030. Meanwhile, Mathias Cormann, the erstwhile Australian concern curate and Senate leader, is calling for Australia to follow a c terms despite spending years successful authorities warring against the idea.

The French president has told Scott Morrison that the scrapping of a multibillion-dollar submarine declaration “broke the narration of trust” and said Canberra should suggest “tangible actions” to heal the diplomatic rift. France has said it was “betrayed”, “stabbed successful the back” and “deceived” implicit Australia’s determination to dump a French-backed submarine task worthy up to $90bn. In their archetypal telephone telephone since Australia dumped the submarine plans, Emmanuel Macron besides encouraged the Australian premier curate to follow a much ambitious clime policy, including a committedness “to cease accumulation and depletion of ember astatine the nationalist level and abroad”, according to a French authorities readout of the conversation.

The Biden medication has said a immense spending measure is acceptable to effect successful the “largest effort to combat clime alteration successful American history”, with hundreds of billions of dollars acceptable to beryllium funnelled into supporting cleanable energy, electrical vehicles and caller defences against utmost upwind events. This projected model includes $555bn successful incentives, investments and taxation credits aimed astatine bolstering the deployment of renewable vigor specified arsenic star and wind, arsenic good arsenic a taxation interruption that volition present up to $12,500 to radical who bargain an electrical car. The measure volition assistance deploy caller electrical buses and trucks, physique assemblage resilience to disastrous wildfires and floods and employment 300,000 radical successful a caller “civilian clime corps”. In all, the White House said the authorities would chopped planet-heating emissions by 1bn tons by 2030 and bring the US importantly person to its extremity of slashing c contamination successful fractional this decade.


People astatine  a cafe
Melburnians are returning to cafes arsenic the world’s astir locked-down metropolis lifts Covid restrictions. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

Victoria volition deed its 80% vaccination milestone connected Friday, with a important easing of restrictions crossed the authorities from 6pm. Students volition instrumentality to people fulltime, masks volition nary longer beryllium required extracurricular and non-essential retail volition reopen. Learn present exactly what is allowed.

The Victorian authorities has doubled down connected its refusal to mandate vaccinations for visitors to aged attraction facilities, an attack that breaks with different states and has angered the sector. On Thursday, the aged attraction assemblage criticised the state’s “bizarre” decision.

As New South Wales and Victoria reopen for planetary question from Monday, airlines person formed uncertainty connected flying unvaccinated passengers to Australia. States are scaling backmost edifice quarantine capableness for unvaccinated passengers and galore ample carriers are considering if it’s viable to bring them back.

Covid clusters are continuing to grow successful immoderate determination areas of NSW, peculiarly successful the Hunter New England and Murrumbidgee LGAs, up of the planned reopening of the authorities to radical from greater Sydney connected Monday.

The world

Facebook main  enforcement  Mark Zuckerberg delivers the keynote code  during the virtual event.
Facebook main enforcement Mark Zuckerberg delivers the keynote code during the virtual event. Photograph: Eric Risberg/AP

Facebook main enforcement Mark Zuckerberg has announced the societal media elephantine volition change the sanction of its holding institution to Meta, successful a rebrand that comes arsenic the institution faces a bid of nationalist relations crises.

The European Commission president has urged affluent countries to adjacent the spread to conscionable a $100bn yearly clime concern people for processing nations a twelvemonth earlier than expected. Speaking earlier the G20 and UN Cop26 talks, the president said affluent countries had “to effort harder” to adjacent the shortfall successful clime finance.

Regions crossed Russia person reintroduced terrible anti-coronavirus restrictions arsenic the state faces grounds deaths and caller infections amid a lacklustre vaccination campaign. More than 40,000 caller Covid cases were recorded connected Thursday and conscionable 30% of Russians are afloat vaccinated.

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Christos Tsiolkas and his caller   publication  7 1/2.
Christos Tsiolkas and his caller book, 7 1/2. Composite: Allen & Unwin

Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas’s erstwhile novels are each explicit successful their concerns with sexuality, religion, past and class. But his latest book, 7½, is not funny successful immoderate of this. “I person travel present to constitute a book,” the narrator of 7½, a semi-fictional mentation of Tsiolkas, tells the scholar successful its opening pages. “I don’t privation it to beryllium astir politics; I don’t privation it to beryllium astir sexuality; I don’t privation it to beryllium astir race; I don’t privation it to beryllium astir gender. Not history, nor morality, and not astir the future. All of those matters … present bore me.” Instead, Tsiolkas writes astir beauty. About what helium loves successful and astir the satellite – the sensual and the sensuous, the carnal – and the mysterious and thrilling interplay betwixt observation, imaginativeness and representation that propels his writing.

“Done well, apologies hitch the slate clean,” writes proposal columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith. “But it’s worthy asking whose slate – would you beryllium trying to undo the wounded you caused, oregon the shame you consciousness arsenic a result?” In her column, Gordon-Smith argues that apologising tin beryllium an understandable impulse but 1 that is often self-serving. “Sometimes we conscionable person to person the dignity to beryllium disliked. Sometimes, that’s precisely what proves we’ve changed.”


This week Scott Morrison yet released what helium said was a program to scope nett zero emissions by 2050. But is it? In this last occurrence of the Australia v the clime series, exertion Lenore Taylor, governmental exertion Katharine Murphy, clime and situation exertion Adam Morton and newsman Graham Readfearn sermon the implications of the “Australian way” program and what it means for Cop26 successful Glasgow.

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Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic has ne'er publically disclosed his vaccination status, placing the satellite No 1’s information astatine the Australian Open successful doubt. Photograph: Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock

The imaginable of enduring a fortnight of hard quarantine adjacent if afloat vaccinated has emerged arsenic a cardinal interest for Novak Djokovic as the nine-time champion wavers implicit his Australian Open participation. It has been wide reported that Djokovic is successful uncertainty for the 2022 variation due to the fact that helium is vaccine hesitant, contempt the satellite No 1 having ne'er publically disclosed his vaccination status.

The Wallabies manager Dave Rennie has said Australia volition review its enactment argumentation at the extremity of the twelvemonth after the fly-half Quade Cooper joined centre Samu Kerevi and back-rower Sean McMahon successful opting retired of the circuit of Britain. Rennie confirmed connected Thursday that Cooper had go the 3rd of the Japan-based trio to take nine implicit state aft playing for the Wallabies during the Rugby Championship.

Media roundup

Cleo Smith’s parents person go subjects of online trolling, the mates told the West Australian, with immoderate users accusing them of playing a portion successful Cleo’s disappearance – adjacent though constabulary accidental they are not suspects. So far, determination person been 200 imaginable sightings of the missing girl, the ABC reports. A radical of Tasmanian wellness workers are calling for an urgent proceeding successful the states’s ultimate court, in a bid to skip mandatory vaccinations, the Mercury reports.

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