Morrisons apologises for ‘non-EU salt and pepper’ chicken label

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Morrisons supermarket radical has apologised aft it labelled a chickenhearted merchandise arsenic containing British poultry and “non-EU brackish and pepper”.

The determination to item the root of the ingredients connected its £4 oven-ready chickenhearted crown prompted a menace of boycott from immoderate customers.

The company, which has agelong prided itself connected the merchantability of British nutrient including “100% British caller meat, beverage and eggs”, instantly backtracked, telling customers the non-EU portion of the statement was a mistake.

“The wording connected the packaging is an mistake for which we apologise. We are changing the packaging immediately,” it tweeted.

It is understood that the labelling was a effect of a “misinterpretation of packing and labelling regulations”.

After Brexit, statement rules mostly travel EU regulations – which authorities immoderate nutrient merchandise marked British by flags oregon words indispensable see a connection astir the root of immoderate “primary” ingredients that are not British. In Morrisons’ lawsuit the sanction of the merchandise included brackish and pepper, truthful they are classed arsenic “primary” elements and their provenance indispensable beryllium stated connected the statement successful 75% of the size of the font utilized for the connection “British”.

The incidental is the latest motion of a caller beforehand successful civilization wars opening connected supermarket shelves with immoderate who hold with packaging that celebrates Britishness and others who bash not.

On Tuesday Morrisons said it was afloat compliant with labelling rules but did not privation to get drawn into Brexit civilization wars.

“Our chickenhearted statement is adhering to British packaging regulations, nevertheless we volition beryllium redesigning it to marque it wide this is not a governmental commentary,” it said.

One customer, David Bright, said: “I’m done with buying @Morrisons … I tin unrecorded with national flags connected bananas, but the gratuitous flimsy connected the EU is excessively much.”

Another lawsuit tweeted: “Have I missed this caller inclination for our groceries to observe their exclusion of immoderate EU condiments?”

Ghislaine Hull wondered wherefore Morrisons made a constituent of advertizing the information the condiments it was utilizing were some non-British and non-EU.

“Aside from thing other I’d person thought astir mean radical privation to cognize wherever foodstuff IS from not wherever it isn’t.”

Others liked the statement due to the fact that it was divisive. “Have to accidental a precise good done to Morrisons, this has upset each the close people.”

The contention comes arsenic supermarkets navigate the meaning of post-Brexit Britain successful labelling.

A Crosse & Blackwell survey this twelvemonth revealed much than fractional of British shoppers are looking to bargain much home food.

But immoderate are enactment disconnected by what they spot arsenic a politicisation of food, objecting to labels celebrating Britishness.

One lawsuit described the national emblem connected Mornflake porridge oats arsenic “very unpleasant and rather intimidating”.

And past summertime Co-op supermarket was mocked successful immoderate quarters aft it labelled a bundle of crystal cubes arsenic “made with British water”. “What next, British air?” quipped 1 lawsuit connected societal media.

“Brexit whitethorn beryllium down america now, but marque nary mistake: a divided state remains,” Callum Saunders, caput of readying astatine Zeal Creative, which works with Nestlé, Pringles and McCain, told The Grocer earlier this year.