Mort Sahl, legendary 1950s comedian, dead at 94

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mort sahl Mort Sahl passed distant connected Tuesday astatine 94. Everett Collection / Everett Col

Stand-up comedian Mort Sahl has died astatine the property of 94.

A person confirmed the quality to the New York Times that helium passed distant connected Tuesday astatine his location successful Mill Valley, California.

The comic was known for his biting and cutting borderline wit good into the 1950s and ’60s.

Sahl’s trademark look progressive V-neck sweaters and rolled-up newspapers.

He was besides known for hosting nationally televised ceremonies specified arsenic the Grammys and the Academy Awards. He co-hosted the 31st yearly Oscars successful 1959 and was the archetypal big ever to emcee the Grammys that aforesaid year.

Sahl made past successful 1955 erstwhile helium dropped the archetypal drama medium with his medium “Mort Sahl astatine Sunset.” 

Sahl made a surviving by besides making amusive of respective American presidents specified arsenic Dwight D. Eisenhower, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

The Canadian autochthonal got his commencement successful 1953 astatine the iconic bare one nightclub successful San Francisco.

Mort SahlSahl successful a inactive from the 1960s.Courtesy Everett Collection

Sahl was joined 3 times and had 1 son, Mort Jr. He passed distant astatine 19 successful 1996 from an chartless drug-related reaction.

Director Woody Allen erstwhile praised Sahl successful his 1994 book, “Woody Allen connected Woody Allen: In Conversation With Stig Bjorkman.”

“I would ne'er person been a cabaret comedian astatine all, if it hadn’t been for him,” Allen wrote, adding that earlier Sahl, “All these comedians were very, precise formula.”

The “Annie Hall” filmmaker continued, “They’d each travel retired successful a tuxedo and would say, ‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,’ and determination was nary sincerity to immoderate of it. And they would bash silly small jokes. … They would bash play jokes, due to the fact that the president played golf. And suddenly, successful this tiny cabaret, this comedian comes along, Mort Sahl.”

Allen added astir the funnyman, “He was conscionable wearing slacks and a sweater [with] a ‘New York Times’ folded nether his arm. He was a nice-looking feline successful a definite way, precise intelligent. And highly, highly energetic, like hypermanic. And a spectacular phrasemaker, but of an intelligence type.”