Mother of Uvalde Shooting Victim Files Lawsuit Against School District, Police, Gun Store, and Gun Manufacturer

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The parent of a 10-year-old miss killed successful the Uvalde schoolhouse shooting has filed a suit against the schoolhouse district, instrumentality enforcement officers, a weapon manufacturer, and the store wherever the limb was purchased.

Sandra Torres’ girl Eliahna was 1 of 19 children and 2 teachers who died during the wide shooting astatine Robb Elementary School successful May. Police officers were wrong the schoolhouse wrong 2 minutes aft Salvador Ramons entered the schoolhouse but waited 77 minutes to face the 18-year-old antheral wrong the fourth-grade classroom.

“Eliahna did not marque it retired of schoolroom 111. She was killed. Her family’s satellite was destroyed. Uvalde volition ne'er beryllium the same,” reads the national lawsuit. (pdf)

“Ramos remained successful the connected classrooms for a full of 77 minutes from the opening of his murderous rampage to the end, earlier constabulary entered. For much than an hour, hundreds of bid officers from dozens of agencies stood idly by successful the hallways arsenic children successful the schoolroom bled, died, telephone 911 for help, and hid nether tables,” the 76-page suit continued.

Multiple defendants are accused of enabling oregon exacerbating the deadliest schoolhouse shooting successful Texas history.

“The shooting Uvalde was a horrific calamity — and wholly preventable,” enforcement manager of Everytown Law Eric Tirschwell said successful a associated press release. “The massacre that killed Eliahna Torres and 20 others that wasn’t conscionable an enactment of 1 violent, troubled antheral equipped with an battle rifle. There are respective actors liable for putting the weapon successful his possession and failing to support the children helium attacked. This suit is intended to clasp them accountable.”

Epoch Times Photo Police officers basal extracurricular the Robb Elementary School successful Uvalde, Texas, connected May 25, 2022, aft a teen successful assemblage armor marched into the schoolhouse and killed 19 children and 2 teachers. (Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images)

Among the defendants named are Daniel Defense, shaper of the limb utilized successful the shooting; Oasis Outback, a hunting and outdoor store wherever the firearm was purchased; the metropolis of Uvalde; County of Uvalde; Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District; Uvalde Police Department; Uvalde CISD Police; Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office; Uvalde Constables, and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The suit alleges the actions of instrumentality enforcement officers that time prolonged the magnitude of clip children and teachers spent suffering and dying.

Eliahna’s Last Day

On May 24, Torres, a fleet driver, near for enactment astir 4 a.m. to thrust her route. When Eliahna woke astatine astir 7:20 a.m., she called her mother. They spoke astir the young girl’s last softball crippled of the play that was to beryllium played that evening. Eliahna told her parent she was tense astir making the all-star team.

Before hanging up, the 4th-grader told her mother, “I emotion you truthful much,” according to the document. Those were the past words Torres heard from her daughter.

“Eliahna loved her family, and she knew however overmuch we loved her,” Sandra Torres said successful a associated property release. “I miss her each infinitesimal of each day. I’ve brought this suit to question accountability. No genitor should ever spell done what I have.”

Epoch Times Photo A makeshift memorial astatine Robb Elementary School is filled with flowers, toys, signs, and crosses bearing the names of each 21 victims of the wide shooting that occurred connected May 24, successful Uvalde, Texas, connected May 27, 2022. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

Oasis Outback, wherever the shooter allegedly bought the firearm and ammunition utilized successful the shooting, is accused of ignoring reddish flags, including Ramos’ tendency to bargain “thousands of dollars of firearms and ammunition wrong days of turning 18.”

The suit accuses Daniel Defense, the shaper of the shooter’s weapon, of directing its selling toward young, isolated, troubled, and convulsive demographics and furthering its connection of militaristic imagery via societal media, and placing its products successful the video game, Call of Duty.

Gunmakers are typically immune nether national instrumentality from lawsuits involving crimes committed with their products but families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting secured a $73 cardinal colony aft suing Remington, the shaper of the limb utilized successful the massacre, according to the AP.

Torres is represented by Everytown Law and LM Law Group.

“Our lawsuit has chosen to instrumentality her grief and crook it into action,” David Lopez, main of LM Law Group, said. “We’re honored to correspond Sandra and her surviving children successful their combat for transparency, accountability, and justice.”

Uvalde CISD said it could not remark connected pending litigation.

“There are nary words to adequately explicit our deepest condolences to each the families who mislaid a loved 1 connected May 24. Uvalde CISD cannot remark connected oregon supply accusation astir pending litigation. As a district, we absorption connected supporting our students and their families arsenic we proceed to navigate these unprecedented times,” Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District told The Epoch Times successful a statement.

The Uvalde Police Department, Oasis Outback, and Daniel Defense did not instantly instrumentality requests for comment.

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