MPP Says Hospitals Can Still Mandate COVID Vaccines for Employees Despite Ford’s Statement

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An Ontario MPP says contempt Premier Doug Ford’s connection that health attraction workers don’t person to beryllium COVID-19 vaccinated, wellness institutions tin inactive mandate the argumentation connected their own. 

Ford said connected Nov. 3 that helium won’t unit infirmary workers to beryllium vaccinated successful airy of the challenges different provinces person had successful implementing vaccine mandates successful their wellness institutions.

The premier said he’s not prepared to jeopardize Ontario’s wellness system, risking the lives of residents who request captious wellness services.

“Having looked astatine the evidence, our authorities has decided to support its flexible attack by leaving quality resourcing decisions up to idiosyncratic hospitals,” helium said.

Roman Baber, an independent MPP who represents Toronto’s York-Centre riding, says the premier is “misrepresenting reality.”

“Tens of thousands of [health attraction workers] volition beryllium fired since astir each [health care] institutions person their ain termination policy! Delivery of attraction to millions of Ontarians is jeopardized,” Baber wrote connected Twitter on Nov. 3 pursuing Ford’s statement.

More than a twelve hospitals crossed Ontario person implemented the vaccine mandate for their unit to date, anterior to Ford’s latest announcement. 

In precocious September, astir 170 staff members astatine Windsor, Ont., hospitals—Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and Windsor Regional Hospital—were enactment connected unpaid permission for not receiving their archetypal dose of COVID-19 vaccine by the deadlines acceptable retired by their employers.

Other institutions see Toronto’s University Health Network, the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, The Ottawa Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, Cornwall Community Hospital, Brockville General Hospital and William Osler Health System.

Baber says the premier should support the livelihood of the unvaccinated wellness attraction professionals, and walk a measure “or telephone for a moratorium connected the termination of healthcare workers.”

The Epoch Times reached retired to the Premier’s bureau for comment, of which the spokesperson responded, saying “our connection stands.” Asked if institutions are capable to acceptable up their ain vaccine mandate, the Epoch Times did not perceive backmost by deadline.

On Nov. 3, Quebec reversed its people of suspending unvaccinated wellness attraction unit by its planned deadline connected Nov. 15.

Health Minister Christian Dubé said the termination of these professionals volition negatively interaction the province’s wellness system.

“To deprive ourselves of 8,000 radical [in wellness unit ranks] volition person devastating consequences for our network,” Dubé said successful a property conference.

Isaac Teo


Isaac Teo is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.

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