Musk Delivers First Tesla Truck, but No Update on Output, Pricing

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Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk delivered the company’s archetypal heavy-duty Semi connected Thursday to PepsiCo without offering updated forecasts for the truck’s pricing, accumulation plans oregon however overmuch cargo it could haul.

Musk, who appeared onstage astatine an lawsuit astatine Tesla’s Nevada plant, said the battery-powered, long-haul motortruck would trim road emissions, outperform existing diesel models connected powerfulness and information and spin-off a fast-charging exertion Tesla would usage successful its upcoming Cybertruck pickup.

“If you’re a trucker and you privation the astir badass rig connected the road, this is it,” Musk said, noting that it was 5 years since Tesla had announced it was processing the all-electric truck. Still, manufacture experts stay skeptical that artillery electrical trucks tin instrumentality the strain of hauling hefty loads for hundreds of miles economically.

At Musk’s archetypal Tesla uncover since taking implicit Twitter, the institution did not denote pricing for the Semi, supply details connected variants of the motortruck it had initially projected oregon proviso a forecast for deliveries to PepsiCo oregon different customers. Tesla said it would statesman utilizing the Semi to vessel parts to its works successful Fremont, California.

In 2017, Tesla had said the 300-mile scope mentation of the Semi would outgo $150,000, and the 500-mile mentation $180,000, but Tesla’s rider electrical conveyance prices person accrued sharply since then.

Robyn Denholm, seat of Tesla, precocious said the automaker mightiness nutrient 100 Semis this year. Musk has said Tesla would purpose to nutrient 50,000 of the trucks successful 2024.

PepsiCo, which completed its archetypal cargo tally with the Tesla motortruck to present snacks for those attending the Nevada motorboat event, had ordered 100 trucks successful 2017.

Brewer Anheuser-Busch, United Parcel Service Inc. and Walmart Inc. were among different companies that had reserved the Semi. Tesla did not supply details connected orders oregon deliveries to customers, nor an estimation connected what the full outgo of ownership for aboriginal buyers would beryllium compared to diesel alternatives.

Musk said the Semi has been doing trial runs betwixt Tesla’s Sparks, Nevada mill and its works successful Fremont, California. Tesla said it had completed a 500-mile thrust connected a azygous charge, with the Semi and cargo weighing successful astatine 81,000 pounds successful total.

Tesla did not disclose the value of an unloaded Semi, 1 cardinal specification analysts had hoped to larn and an important information for the ratio of electrical trucks.

Musk has spoken successful the past astir the imaginable of afloat autonomous trucks. Tesla did not supply details connected however Tesla’s operator assistance systems would relation successful the Semi it unveiled connected Thursday oregon aboriginal versions.

The Semi transportation presumption ended without Musk taking questions, arsenic helium often does astatine Tesla events.

Elon Musk Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk speaks during the live-streamed unveiling of the Tesla Semi electrical motortruck successful Nev. connected Dec. 1, 2022. (Tesla/Handout via Reuters)

Tesla had initially acceptable a accumulation people for 2019 for the Semi, which was archetypal unveiled successful 2017. In the years since, rivals person begun to merchantability battery-powered trucks of their own.

Daimler’s Freightliner, Volvo, startup Nikola and Renault are among Tesla’s competitors successful processing alternatives to combustion-engine trucks.

Walmart, for instance, has said it has been investigating Freightliner’s eCascadia and Nikola’s Tre BEV trucks successful California.

‘Like a Cheetah’

The Semi is susceptible of charging astatine 1 megawatt and has liquid-cooling exertion successful the charging cablegram successful an updated mentation of Tesla’s Supercharger that volition beryllium made disposable to the Cybertruck, Musk said. The Cybertruck is scheduled to spell into accumulation successful 2023.

Trucks successful Semi’s class correspond conscionable 1 percent of U.S. conveyance income but 20 percent of wide conveyance emissions, Tesla said.

Tesla said other, aboriginal vehicles would usage powertrain exertion developed for the Semi without providing details. The Semi uses 3 electrical motors developed for Tesla’s show mentation of its Model S, with lone 1 of them engaged astatine road velocity and 2 successful reserve for erstwhile the motortruck needs to accelerate, a diagnostic that makes the motortruck much energy-efficient, Musk said.

“This happening has brainsick powerfulness comparative to a diesel truck,” Musk said. “Basically it’s similar an elephant moving similar a cheetah.”

In a descent displayed arsenic portion of Musk’s presentation, Tesla showed an representation of a aboriginal “robotaxi” successful improvement with a mock-up of the aboriginal car covered nether a tarp.

The presumption took spot aft Tesla shares closed astatine $194.70. The banal has fallen astir 45 percent truthful acold this year, losing astir $500 cardinal successful marketplace capitalization, down to astir $615 billion.

Among factors cited by investors person been Musk’s income of Tesla shares to concern his takeover of Twitter, signs that a slowing planetary system has started to chopped into request for Tesla’s premium-priced cars, and a informing by the institution that it mightiness not conscionable its people to turn deliveries by 50 percent this year.