Mystery Fenway Park light draws plenty of explanations

11 months ago 160

Tape oregon film?

Multiple explanations for the mysterious airy that interrupted Game 5 of the ALCS astatine Fenway Park person present emerged. Oddly, neither impact accusations of cheating by the Red Sox oregon Astros.

Despite some teams having a past of playing accelerated and escaped with MLB rules, the sticky concern was thing much than that, according to Houston manager Dusty Baker.

“I cognize that [Boston manager] Alex Cora had said thing astir the airy retired successful center, and past helium came implicit to maine and said it truly wasn’t a light,” Baker said. “It wasn’t successful anybody’s eyes oregon constituent of imaginativeness oregon distraction. It was immoderate reflective portion that idiosyncratic had enactment retired there. It looked similar a airy shining disconnected the lights, but I didn’t truly spot it. I didn’t person the space to spot it.”

There were a batch of fingers pointed astatine Cora, who was suspended for his relation successful the Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing scandal, and past oversaw the Red Sox’ 2018 sign-stealing imbroglio. He was speedy to constituent retired that helium drew attraction to the airy close away.

ALCS Game 5 was interrupted the analyse   a mysterious light.A airy coming from the halfway tract partition caused consternation each astir Fenway.EPA; FOX (inset)

“There was thing successful the partition successful halfway field,” helium said. “It looked similar a airy oregon whatever. Somebody noticed it successful the dugout. It wasn’t a large deal, but conscionable to fto them cognize that that was there. I don’t cognize if the hitter was capable to spot it, whatever. We conscionable fto them know.”

Fenway Park workers did cheque for thing suspicious, but 1 section newsman said it was really coming from wrong the wall.

“If you were wondering what the mysterious airy was astatine Fenway, during the Sox & Astros game, it was different TV presumption shining the airy straight astatine the store door,” the Boston 25 News newsman tweeted, on with video of his unit doing its ain deed from a barroom located down the wall.