NASA video hypes future of space travel: Sci-fi skydiving, kayaking

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Ever imagination of taking a abrogation determination really, truly acold distant — conscionable truly checking retired of reality?

Well, NASA wants that for you, too, evidently. The exploratory abstraction bureau has released a promotional video by the fictional Exoplanet Travel Bureau, which hopes to spot its clients blast disconnected to way-faraway lands (or gaseous planets).

The starry-eyed, minutelong video, titled “Visions of the Future,” depicts the pitchy acceptable kayaking connected Saturn’s water-covered satellite Titan, surveying the surroundings atop an reflection operation connected Venus and skydiving connected exoplanet HD 40307 g, the recently discovered potential “super-Earth” that scientists judge whitethorn enactment quality life.

The video began arsenic a bid of promotional question posters created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They besides shared a video demonstrating however the futuristic video was changeable utilizing existent actors and green-screen technology.

Exoplanet Travel BureauOne country from NASA’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau promotional video besides showed travelers connected a floating reflection platform connected Saturn’s satellite Enceladus.NASA

A real-life Exoplanet Travel Bureau has yet to beryllium established, but commercialized abstraction question is rapidly becoming reality, arsenic this generation’s abstraction contention is good underway. More civilians person seen abstraction this twelvemonth than ever antecedently imagined, acknowledgment to tech entrepreneurs — namely Jeff Bezos for Blue Origin, Elon Musk for SpaceX and Richard Branson for Virgin Galactic, who are each competing to motorboat the archetypal viable commercialized spaceflight service.

Musk has said that he’s “highly confident” that humans volition interaction Mars within the adjacent six years. He and others are banking connected beingness extracurricular of Earth arsenic resources go progressively scarce connected the planet. Meanwhile, environmentalists — including Prince William — person criticized the urgency to populate different worlds, alternatively than put successful our own.

“We request immoderate of the world’s top brains and minds fixed connected trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the adjacent spot to spell and live,” the British royal said past week.

Exoplanet Travel BureauNASA and tech entrepreneurs ideate a satellite successful which humans could orbit exoplanet 55 Cancri e successful a mildly floating bubble-craft.NASA
Exoplanet Travel BureauThe fictional Exoplanet Travel Bureau wants to nonstop Earthlings connected immoderate far-flung journeys.NASA