Natalie Wood was sexually assaulted by Kirk Douglas as a teen, sister claims

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Natalie Wood’s sister has revealed bombshell details astir the long-standing Hollywood rumor that the precocious star was sexually assaulted arsenic a teen by a overmuch older histrion astatine a Los Angeles hotel. In her upcoming memoir “Little Sister: My Investigation into the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood,” Lana Wood alleges that the enigma assailant was deceased surface icon Kirk Douglas, the AP reported.

“It was similar an out-of-body experience,” Lana, 75, recalled the “Rebel Without a Cause” histrion telling her years later.

The sordid incidental allegedly occurred successful the summertime of 1955 astatine the Chateau Marmont, wherever the girls’ mother, Maria Zakharenko, had acceptable up a gathering betwixt teenage Natalie and the “Spartacus” star, who was successful his mid-30s astatine the time.

Zakharenko had hoped that “many doors mightiness beryllium thrown unfastened for her, with conscionable a motion of his famous, handsome caput connected her behalf,” according to the book, which besides explores the circumstances surrounding her 1981 death, retired Nov. 9.

Lana Wood dropped the alleged bombshell successful  her upcoming memoir "Little Sister."Lana Wood drops the alleged bombshell successful her upcoming memoir “Little Sister,” retired Nov. 9.AP

However, erstwhile the “Miracle connected 34th Street” histrion returned from her personage encounter, her sister knew thing wasn’t right, the AP reported.

Lana, who was 8 astatine the time, painted the disturbing scene: “It seemed similar a agelong clip passed earlier Natalie got backmost into the car and woke maine up erstwhile she slammed the doorway shut,” she wrote successful the book, according to the AP. “She looked awful. She was precise disheveled and precise upset, and she and Mom started urgently whispering to each other.”

The writer added, “I couldn’t truly perceive them oregon marque retired what they were saying. Something atrocious had seemingly happened to my sister, but immoderate it was, I was seemingly excessively young to beryllium told astir it.”

Lana Wood poses with her sister, the precocious   histrion   Natalie Wood, right, erstwhile   they were children.Lana Wood poses with her sister, the precocious histrion Natalie Wood (right) erstwhile they were children.Getty Images

However, it wasn’t until the siblings were some adults that Natalie yet disclosed what allegedly went down.

The “West Side Story” prima reportedly described Douglas taking her to his edifice suite, wherever “he wounded me, Lana,” she allegedly told her sister.

“I was terrified, I was confused,” the aggregate Oscar nominee told her sister, according to “Little Sister,” which chiefly focuses connected Natalie Wood’s mysterious death erstwhile she was 43 years old. Although ruled a drowning, many, including Lana, have implicated her then-husband, Robert Wagner, successful the tragic incident.

Kirk Douglas has admitted to being an unfaithful hubby  and womanizer.Kirk Douglas has admitted to being an unfaithful hubby and a womanizer.AP

Following the alleged intersexual assault, Natalie and her parent allegedly agreed to ne'er publically impeach Douglas arsenic it would destruct the budding star’s career, Lana recalled.

Despite promising her sister she’d ne'er publically sermon the incident, Lana present believes capable clip has passed since their alleged conversation.

“With nary 1 inactive astir to protect, I’m definite she’ll forgive maine for yet breaking that promise,” she wrote.

In fact, the rumors ran truthful rampantly that erstwhile Douglas died in 2020 astatine 103 years old, Natalie Wood’s name trended alongside his connected Twitter.

In his 1988 memoir, “The Ragman’s Son,” Douglas mentions gathering Natalie Wood for the archetypal clip portion driving location 1 night. The icon was allegedly stopped astatine a reddish airy erstwhile “a beauteous small miss wearing a suede overgarment hopped out” of the car successful beforehand of him and asked him to motion her jacket, per his book.

“As I obliged, the pistillate who was driving got retired and introduced her,” the “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” prima described. “This is my daughter. She’s successful movies, too. Her sanction is Natalie Wood.”

He reported helium saw “her galore times afterward, earlier she died successful that cruel accident.”

In the past, the Presidential Medal of Freedom victor has admitted to being a serial philanderer and an insatiable womanizer, the AP reported, and his intersexual exploits are good known passim Hollywood.

“I’m a sonofabitch, plain and simple,” Douglas admitted successful his autobiography.