Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband on second hunger strike in effort to free her

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The hubby of the jailed British-Iranian dual nationalist Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has gone connected hunger onslaught for a 2nd clip successful an effort to transportation the overseas caput to bash much to bring his woman backmost from detention successful Iran. His hunger onslaught is to instrumentality spot extracurricular the Foreign Office successful London.

Richard Ratcliffe took the extremist measurement successful desperation aft the Iranian authorities said Nazanin had mislaid her entreaty against a 2nd condemnation that has been imposed, which volition spot her backmost successful jailhouse for different year, and past taxable to a question prohibition for a further year.

She has already served a five-year condemnation for spying. She was arrested successful 2016 and has ever protested her innocence.

Ratcliffe’s six-year-old daughter, Gabriella, lives with him successful London, having returned from Tehran 2 years ago, wherever she had stayed with her grandma portion Nazanin was serving her jailhouse sentence.

The caller overseas secretary, Liz Truss, has spoken to some Nazanin and Richard since her appointment, but has not held retired immoderate anticipation of a breakthrough.

At contented betwixt the household and the Foreign Office is the ministerial refusal to wage a £400m humanities indebtedness to Iran that the UK authorities acknowledges that it owes.

The Foreign Office accidental sanctions forestall the outgo being made, but garbage to uncover what efforts it has made to marque the payment, oregon wherefore erstwhile attempts astatine captive swaps involving British-Iranian dual nationals person failed. It has not acceptable retired which sanctions forestall the payment, oregon wherefore a humanitarian acquisition cannot beryllium made to Iran.

Explaining his decision, Ratcliffe said Truss, successful speech with him, “shared however aggravated she was, however she would talk with the Iranian minister. But it was not a trigger constituent to act. That would beryllium erstwhile Nazanin was returned to prison.

“For us, reimprisonment is excessively late. It would mean not seeing Nazanin until 2023.

“Just anterior to the news, we had a precise bleak gathering with the Foreign Office, ending with maine telling them I had nary assurance successful their strategy and their reluctance to act: they inactive bash not settee the indebtedness to Iran whose impasse successful 2016 caused Nazanin to beryllium taken. There is nary ineligible impediment now, the curate said.

“But besides they bash thing to disincentivise Iran’s hostage-taking, inactive garbage to usage the connection ‘hostage’ contempt promises to Nazanin. They inactive look amazed each clip Iran escalates – but it inactive happens cost-free. They inactive accidental the aforesaid slogans. At immoderate point, soundbites don’t support you”.

He added: “It tin beryllium hard to seizure the feeling of a beingness wasting away, watching situation creep person portion we beryllium successful the PM’s in-tray. Nazanin was progressively distraught past week.

“Two years agone I went connected hunger onslaught successful beforehand of the Iranian embassy, connected the eve of Boris Johnson taking implicit arsenic premier minister. Two years agone we were allowed to campy successful beforehand of the Iranian embassy for 15 days – overmuch to their sizeable anger. But it got Gabriella home.

“We are present giving the UK authorities the aforesaid treatment. In truth, I ne'er expected to person to bash a hunger onslaught twice. It is not a mean act. It seems bonzer the request to follow the aforesaid tactics to transportation authorities here, to chopped done the accountability gap.”

Ratcliffe’s MP, Labour’s Tulip Siddiq, said: “It should ne'er person travel to this. It’s clip for the authorities to perceive to the demands of Nazanin’s family, including paying the indebtedness we beryllium to Iran, and yet bring her home.”

Rupert Skilbeck, the manager of the NGO Redress, which is moving a ineligible run for the merchandise of Zaghari-Ratcliffe, said: “It’s profoundly worrying that Richard has felt compelled to edifice erstwhile again to a life-threatening measurement to bring attraction to the hopeless plight of his family.

“Five years on, we person lone seen setback aft setback. The UK government’s attack is intelligibly not working. It’s clip to basal up to perpetrators of hostage-taking by sanctioning those who perpetuate this reprehensible practice, and to bring Nazanin home.”