NBA fraud investigation could lead to charges against new defendants: feds

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More charges against caller defendants could beryllium coming successful the alleged $4 cardinal wellness attraction fraud scheme carried retired by much than a twelve erstwhile NBA players, prosecutors hinted Tuesday.

At a tribunal hearing, Manhattan Assistant US Attorney Kristy Greenberg said the feds’ probe into the rip-off, allegedly orchestrated by ex-New Jersey Nets defender Terrence Williams, is ongoing.

“Does the authorities expect determination volition beryllium a [new] indictment that does oregon doesn’t see further defendants? Possibly?” Manhattan national Judge Valerie Caproni asked Greenberg.

“It is possible, Your Honor,” Greenberg responded astatine the league for defendants Alan Anderson and Shannon Brown, who were among the 18 erstwhile athletes indicted earlier this month.

The suspects, including Coney Island-raised Sebastian Telfair, allegedly defrauded $4 cardinal from the NBA’s Health and Welfare Benefit Plan, which provides existent and erstwhile NBA players with wellness coverage.

Former NBA subordinate    Sebastian Telfair departs Federal Court aft  18 erstwhile  NBA players were charged with defrauding the league's wellness  plan, successful  New York City connected  Oct. 7, 2021.Former NBA subordinate Sebastian Telfair departs national tribunal aft 18 erstwhile NBA players were charged with defrauding the league’s wellness plan, successful New York City connected Oct. 7, 2021. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

The players — who earned a combined $360 cardinal during their clip playing for the league — submitted “false and fraudulent claims for reimbursement of expenses for aesculapian and dental services that were not really rendered,” arsenic portion of the scheme, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors person raked successful grounds successful the case, including emails, societal media posts and geo-location evidence, from the astir 20 existent defendants, Greenberg said Tuesday.

Investigators besides seized physics devices from Williams erstwhile they executed a hunt warrant astatine his location the time they arrested him earlier this month, Greenberg added.