NCA arrests Russian businessman in London suspected of money laundering

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A affluent Russian businessman has been arrested astatine his multimillion-pound London location by officers investigating imaginable transgression enactment by oligarchs.

The 58-year-old man, who has not been named, was held by the National Crime Agency (NCA) connected Thursday connected suspicion of offences including wealth laundering, conspiracy to defraud the Home Office and conspiracy to perpetrate perjury.

A 35-year-old man, who works astatine the residence, was arrested adjacent connected suspicion of wealth laundering and obstruction of an serviceman aft helium was seen leaving with a container containing thousands of pounds successful cash.

A 3rd man, 39, who is the erstwhile fellow of the businessman’s existent partner, was arrested astatine his location successful Pimlico, London, for offences including wealth laundering and conspiracy to defraud.

The NCA said much than 50 officers from its Combating Kleptocracy Cell were progressive successful the cognition astatine the businessman’s London property, wherever a fig of integer devices and a important quantity of currency was seized aft a search.

Graeme Biggar, the manager wide of the NCA, said: “The NCA’s Combating Kleptocracy Cell, lone established this year, is having important occurrence investigating imaginable transgression enactment by oligarchs, the nonrecreational work providers that enactment and alteration them and those linked to the Russian regime.

“We volition proceed to usage each the powers and tactics disposable to america to disrupt this threat.”

All 3 of the men who were arrested person been released connected bail.

The NCA said it is the latest cognition carried retired arsenic portion of its efforts to disrupt the activities of corrupt planetary concern figures and their enablers.

Almost 100 “disruptions” – actions that region oregon trim a transgression menace – person been carried retired against Putin-linked elites and their enablers, including relationship freezing orders (AFOs) implicit accounts held by radical intimately linked to sanctioned Russians, according to the NCA.

“The compartment has besides investigated and taken discreet enactment against a important fig of elites who interaction straight connected the UK, arsenic good arsenic targeting little accepted routes utilized to disguise movements of important wealth, specified arsenic high-value plus income via auction houses,” the NCA said.

“Internationally, the NCA’s enactment has assisted successful the freezing of galore properties, 8 yachts and 4 aircraft, and it continues to enactment successful performance with the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation to guarantee that different assets successful the UK are frozen, arsenic good arsenic with planetary partners to people illicit wealthiness held abroad.”