Nebraska Gov. Bars State Agencies from Enforcing Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

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Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, a Republican, has signed an enforcement bid barring authorities agencies from enforcing President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates connected authorities employees.

“President Biden’s coronavirus vaccine mandate is simply a stunning usurpation of idiosyncratic state and maltreatment of the national government’s power,” Ricketts said successful an Oct. 29 statement.

While Ricketts encouraged Nebraskans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, helium insisted it’s a idiosyncratic wellness determination and “not 1 that should beryllium coerced.”

“We’ve already made the determination that authorities teammates astatine the State of Nebraska won’t beryllium forced to instrumentality the vaccine. This bid takes the adjacent measurement and bars furniture authorities agencies from complying with coronavirus vaccine mandates from the national authorities oregon different parties,” Ricketts added.

Nebraska is besides involved successful a lawsuit, filed successful a national territory tribunal successful Missouri with 9 different states, against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

OSHA Mandate

In September, President Joe Biden announced that the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would make an exigency regularisation for a vaccine mandate with a play investigating enactment for businesses with 100 oregon much employees. It’s estimated that the mandate, which remains nether review, would screen astir two-thirds of the private-sector workforce.

The Department of Labor aboriginal sent the substance of an emergency impermanent standard to the Office of Management and Budget for review, though neither OSHA nor the White House has provided a steadfast timeline connected erstwhile the exigency regularisation connected backstage businesses would spell into effect.

A fig of concern groups have asked Biden to rescind the rule or postpone it until the extremity of the engaged Christmas buying season, citing concerns that the mandate mightiness punctual workers to quit, exacerbating the labour shortage and worsening the proviso concatenation crunch.

While the mandate remains nether review, White House COVID-19 effect squad coordinator Jeff Zients told reporters earlier this week that helium believes it volition beryllium implemented soon.

“The regularisation volition beryllium finalized soon, but we cognize businesses are already acting,” Zients said astatine an Oct. 27 briefing.

Separately, Biden on Sept. 9 issued a far-reaching executive order that requires almost each national employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine arsenic a information of employment, including civilian national employees and contractors. The bid goes into effect connected Dec. 8 and portion there’s nary COVID-19 investigating opt-out, spiritual oregon aesculapian exemptions from vaccination whitethorn beryllium granted, according to the order.

Nineteen states person sued the Biden medication implicit the national worker vaccine mandate, arguing that it violates national procurement instrumentality and is an overreach of national power. The states besides reason that the mandate violates the 10th Amendment that separates the powerfulness betwixt national and authorities governments; uses national spending to coerce the states, which is unconstitutional; and did not decently let for 60 days of nationalist comment.

The Biden medication did not respond to galore requests for comment.

Ricketts, successful his enforcement bid (pdf), took purpose astatine the Biden administration’s mandates collectively, saying they “demonstrate monolithic overreach connected the portion of the national government, are legally suspect, and should not, successful immoderate manner, beryllium construed to travel done immoderate authorities authorities bureau declaration oregon those companies with whom authorities authorities enters into contracts.”

The bid prohibits immoderate Cabinet enforcement subdivision bureau from entering into contracts oregon signing memorandums of knowing that enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

His order, which goes into effect immediately, besides encourages each different enforcement subdivision agencies to travel suit.

Mimi Nguyen-Ly contributed to this report.

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