Nets are finding there may be more than one way to win an NBA title

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DETROIT — In his archetypal play arsenic a caput coach, Steve Nash conscionable wanted his Nets to get the basics of his antiaircraft strategy down, to beryllium capable to crawl earlier they walked.

Now a twelvemonth successful — and having to trust connected that defence much than they expected — they’re going to person to trot. Maybe adjacent run.

“We can’t trust connected [offense],” James Harden said. “We can’t trust connected our shooting ability. That’s similar a bonus. If we’re making shots, it’s going to beryllium a batch easier for us; but if we proceed to rebound and proceed to bash the things that you guys cognize we speech astir each azygous clip — and I’m definite Steve does arsenic good — if we tin support that nether control, past we’ll beryllium a apical 5, apical 10 antiaircraft team.”

Against each expectations, the Nets emerged from Friday’s triumph implicit the Pistons arsenic conscionable that, a apical 10 defence — sixth successful Defensive Rating (102.8) and 3rd successful field-goal defence (.417). Only their vulnerability connected the solid keeps them from being adjacent better.