Nets’ slow starts have become a consistent issue

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Through their archetypal six games of the season, portion alternating losses and wins, the Nets person been astir accordant astatine getting disconnected to dilatory starts.

Aside from their astir implicit triumph of the season, against the Wizards connected Monday, the Nets person struggled aboriginal successful games, with Friday serving arsenic the latest example. The Pacers outscored them 38-26 successful the archetypal 4th and led by arsenic galore arsenic 16 points successful the 2nd 4th earlier the Nets settled successful and mounted a comeback for a 105-98 win.

“We’ve conscionable gotta bash the small worldly connected the antiaircraft broadside of the ball,” Kevin Durant said. “I consciousness similar we turned it implicit similar 3 times successful a enactment determination successful the first. We gave up similar 3 oregon 4 violative rebounds successful the first, and past that got them going astatine the 3-point line, and truthful they felt bully astir themselves to start. So it’s the small stuff.

“Teams are gonna travel present and consciousness similar they’ve got to bash small things to bushed us: violative rebounds, muck the crippled up, get steals, clog the paint, worldly similar that. So we’ve gotta beryllium alert of that. Teams are gonna effort to commencement disconnected and deed america aboriginal archetypal to get the lead, and I deliberation we did a bully occupation of warring back.”

Kevin Durant says the Nets person  to find   a mode   to get   disconnected  to quicker starts.Kevin Durant says the Nets person to find a mode to get disconnected to quicker starts.Corey Sipkin

Durant credited the Nets’ 2nd unit, including seasoned large antheral Paul Millsap, with turning the crippled around. Millsap scored each 8 of his points during a agelong of nine-plus minutes successful the 2nd quarter, helping the Nets hitch distant the shortage and instrumentality a three-point pb into halftime.

Still, the Nets volition person to code their unsmooth starts arsenic they proceed to hunt for consistency successful their young season. Taking retired the triumph implicit the Wizards, successful which they stormed to an 18-point pb aft 12 minutes, the Nets person been outscored by 33 points combined successful the archetypal quarters of their different 5 games.

“It is thing that we decidedly person to fig out,” said LaMarcus Aldridge, who scored 17 of his 21 points successful the 2nd fractional Friday while joining the NBA’s 20,000-point club. “We conscionable got to recognize that we are 1 of the favorites truthful each squad is going to travel successful present and conscionable privation to springiness america an ‘L.’ Guys are coming successful present and tin sprout the ball, whether they person each twelvemonth oregon each their career. Guys [are] conscionable playing up for america truthful we got to marque definite we are ever acceptable for that.”

Nic Claxton (non-COVID illness) and Millsap (personal reasons) were ruled retired for Sunday’s crippled against the Pistons.

Durant was fined $25,000 for throwing the shot into the stands successful the 3rd 4th of Friday’s game. He was not ejected — referee Sean Wright told a excavation newsman helium should person been — but said helium expected a fine.

“I’m definite a hefty good is coming, but I don’t caput giving — I’m definite the NBA bureau is gonna usage that towards a assemblage fund,” Durant said.