Never hand your iPhone to someone before checking your WhatsApp settings first

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Do you regularly manus your telephone to friends oregon family? Make definite you’re not putting your privateness astatine risk.

There’s a cardinal WhatsApp diagnostic that you request to crook connected to debar immoderate snooping.

We’ve each passed our handsets implicit to idiosyncratic else.

Maybe you privation to stock a photo, a clip, oregon show an app.

Or possibly idiosyncratic regularly uses your phone.

In immoderate case, letting idiosyncratic usage your iPhone oregon Android means you hazard giving them entree to your WhatsApp.

Thankfully, there’s a mode to enactment a secondary fastener connected WhatsApp.

This means idiosyncratic tin usage your telephone with your support – but without letting them into your WhatsApp messages.

“As an further information measure, you tin alteration Touch ID oregon Face ID connected WhatsApp,” the institution explained.

“You tin inactive reply to messages from notifications and reply calls if WhatsApp is locked.”

Here’s however to bash it…

Enable Touch ID oregon Face ID connected WhatsApp

Enabling Touch ID oregon  Face ID connected  your Whatsapp adds an further  information    measure. Enabling Touch ID oregon Face ID connected your Whatsapp adds an further information measure. WhatsApp

On iPhone, you person 2 options: Touch ID oregon Face ID.

Which 1 you usage depends connected the iPhone exemplary you person – but it means either unlocking via a scan of your fingerprint oregon face.

To activate it, spell to WhatsApp, unfastened Settings, past pat Account.

Next spell to Privacy and past Screen Lock.

After that, you’ll privation to crook connected either Require Touch ID oregon Require Face ID.

You’ll besides beryllium fixed the enactment to take however agelong WhatsApp tin beryllium connected standby mode for – earlier requiring Touch ID oregon Face ID.

Remember: you tin disable this astatine immoderate clip by going backmost into your WhatsApp Settings.

If the unlock doesn’t work, you tin inactive summation entree via your iPhone passcode.

Enable Android fingerprint fastener connected WhatsApp

“As an further privateness measure, you tin punctual fingerprint fastener erstwhile you unfastened WhatsApp connected your phone,” WhatsApp said.

“When this is enabled, you’ll person to usage your fingerprint to entree the app.”

First, spell into WhatsApp and past pat More Options – oregon the 3 dots.

Next, spell to Settings, past Account, past Privacy.

You’ll privation to scroll each the mode to the bottommost and pat Fingerprint Lock.

Then crook connected Unlock With Fingerprint.

You’ll beryllium asked to interaction the fingerprint sensor to corroborate the fingerprint you’ll beryllium using.

Just arsenic with iPhone, you tin take an magnitude of clip that tin walk earlier you request to authenticate your fingerprint connected WhatsApp again.

You’ll besides get an enactment to amusement contented successful notifications if you privation to preview immoderate connection substance wrong alerts.

If you don’t spot immoderate of these options, it’s imaginable that you’re utilizing an outdated mentation of Android.

You’ll request to person an Android instrumentality with a fingerprint sensor moving Android 6.0.

The diagnostic won’t enactment connected the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, oregon Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

And remember: you tin inactive reply WhatsApp calls adjacent if the app is locked.