New Barcelona centre teaches Spanish men to explore their masculinity

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It’s hard enactment maintaining the macho representation of the Spanish man. But assistance is astatine manus successful the signifier of Barcelona’s caller Centre for Plural Masculinities, which offers men the accidental to formed disconnected the machista straitjacket.

“This isn’t a spot for men to travel and bushed themselves up for being atrocious men,” says Laura Pérez, the Barcelona councillor for feminism and LGBTI, who has wide work for the project.

“It’s a spot to speech astir sexuality, without taboos, a spot to research masculinity. It’s each to bash with however boys are educated to beryllium men. Men person to beryllium heroes, they’re not allowed to beryllium afraid, boys don’t cry. This doesn’t let for the galore antithetic versions of masculinity that are possible.”

While the centre aims to face misogyny and homophobia, the accent is connected encouraging men to research different ways of being, beyond traditional relation models. Spain, aft all, is the state that gave america the connection “machismo”.

While the centre’s unit of 10 put radical and idiosyncratic discussions connected the premises, possibly the organisation’s astir important relation volition beryllium the outreach enactment it does.

Through exhibitions and events successful museums, libraries and different taste institutions it hopes to rise the statement astir masculinity. It volition besides beryllium progressive successful the city’s galore sporting associations.

Pérez sees athletics arsenic being 1 of the past areas wherever men cannot beryllium unfastened astir their sexuality, a constituent borne retired by the media attraction fixed to Josh Cavallo, the young Australian footballer who came retired arsenic cheery past month.

The centre volition besides effort to capable the void of treatment astir sex roles and individuality successful schoolhouse by involving parents and teachers. Pérez says determination is small enactment acquisition and astir nary treatment of sexuality successful the Catalan acquisition system.

“We person taboos astir talking astir enactment but, astatine the aforesaid time, we person entree via the net to each benignant of intersexual activity,” she says. “The lone entree young radical person to enactment acquisition is via pornography and this is precise dangerous.”

Some of the programmes pre-date the centre and 1 of the astir palmy and fashionable of them prepares fathers-to-be with discussions astir fatherhood, childcare and sharing home chores.

A survey by the nationalist statistic institute shows that Spanish men walk an mean of 23 hours per week connected childcare and 11 connected household chores, compared with 38 and 20 hours respectively for women.

On sex issues, for immoderate clip Spain lagged down different European countries due to the fact that of the bequest of Franco’s dictatorship, says Viviana Waisman, president of Women’s Link Worldwide, a not-for-profit organisation that uses the instrumentality to beforehand women’s rights.

“Increasingly, we spot young Spanish men and women knowing the request to interruption with sex stereotypes,” she says, but adds that immoderate of the country’s institutions lag behind.

This was thrown into stark alleviation successful 2018 with the alleged la Manada [wolf pack] case erstwhile 3 judges acquitted 5 men of gang-raping an 18-year-old pistillate astatine the moving of the bulls festival successful Pamplona connected the grounds that the video the men recorded connected their phones showed the pistillate offering nary resistance. One justice adjacent said they should lone beryllium recovered blameworthy of stealing the victim’s mobile.“The lawsuit marked a turning constituent successful Spain, particularly arsenic Trump was successful power, and erstwhile idiosyncratic is truthful blatantly misogynist it helps radical to recognize however laws and policies are truthful anti-women,” says Waisman.

“Here was a young pistillate who was the unfortunate of a transgression and the judges’ absorption was connected her and not the defendants. She was being asked to explicate her behaviour though she was the victim. It broke the corporate soundlessness astir however women acquisition unit and favoritism successful society.”

The condemnation provoked a immense outcry with tens of thousands of women and men taking to the streets each implicit Spain successful protests that forced the authorities to present caller authorities connected consent.

 A-League subordinate    Josh Cavallo talks astir  his sexuality  – video


'I'm a footballer and I'm gay': A-League subordinate Josh Cavallo talks astir his sexuality – video

Old ideas stay entrenched, however, and person recovered their champion successful Vox, the far-right enactment that espouses accepted household values and whose leader, Santiago Abascal, has a penchant for Putin-style photograph ops connected horseback and is simply a protagonist of pursuits specified arsenic hunting and bullfighting. “The ideas astir however women tin beryllium person precocious a lot. Not truthful overmuch successful the lawsuit of men,” says Pérez.

“Gender stereotypes impact america all,” says Waisman, who supports the Barcelona initiative. “If we lone absorption connected women being feminists and warring for equality and don’t bash the aforesaid for men, we’re leaving retired fractional the population.”

Pérez agrees. “Barcelona has been promoting feminist policies since 2015, and it’s important we consolidate the taxable of masculinity wrong these,” she says. “If not, it’s conscionable the dependable of 1 manus clapping.”