New Beyoncé song ‘Be Alive’ in Venus and Serena Williams biopic starring Will Smith

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Beyonce Beyoncé's caller opus "Be Alive" volition beryllium heard successful the upcoming movie "King Richard." Getty Images for The Recording A

Ring the alarm — caller Beyoncé euphony is here!

The vocalist is definite to person yet different deed connected her hands with her opus “Be Alive,” which is featured successful the new trailer for the biopic astir Venus and Serena Williams’ father, called “King Richard.”

The sports play stars Will Smith arsenic Richard Williams, begetter of the tennis-pros-in-waiting, arsenic helium trains his girls to beryllium the champion connected and disconnected the court.

The three-minute clip shows Smith, 53, successful afloat costume and scored by Beyoncé singing her bosom out.

“It feels truthful bully to beryllium live / That’s wherefore I unrecorded my beingness with pride,” Beyoncé, 40, belts. “Do you cognize however overmuch we person pride? / How hard we person to try?” 

The soulful ballad is weaved into clips from the movie showing Richard grooming young Venus and Serena, played by Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton, respectively.

Serena, 40, teased the flick and the Grammy winner’s track connected societal media connected Thursday. “I’m SO excited for you to ticker the caller trailer for #KingRichard, starring Will Smith and featuring the opus “Be Alive” by Beyoncé 🖤Seeing this movie (based connected Venus’ and my existent story) travel to beingness has been 1 of the coolest experiences.”

The station showed Venus, 41, Smith and her sister having a blast connected the acceptable of the movie arsenic they took selfies and waved to the camera.

The teaser for the movie besides shows a country wherever the WIlliamses travel location successful Compton, California, pursuing tennis signifier successful the pouring rain. When they arrive, a achromatic societal idiosyncratic is determination to cheque successful connected the kids. An upset Richard tells the worker, “I don’t adjacent caput you saying we hard connected these kids. You cognize why? ‘Cause we are. That’s our job. To support ’em disconnected these streets.”

In different scene, the girls amusement disconnected their rockin’ tennis skills connected the tribunal successful beforehand of apical manager Paul Cohen (played by Tony Goldwyn).

king RichardSmith stars successful the sports play alongside Tony Goldwyn, Jon Bernthal and Dylan McDermott.YouTube

“I deliberation you mightiness conscionable person the adjacent Michael Jordan,” boasts tennis manager Rick Macci (Jon Bernthal) successful the clip.

The movie’s authoritative synopsis calls Richard “an undeterred begetter [with a] relentless thrust and unapologetic imaginativeness to alteration the game” who is “instrumental successful raising 2 of the astir extraordinarily talented athletes of each time, who volition extremity up changing the athletics of tennis forever.” 

The movie volition deed theaters and HBO Max connected Nov. 19.