New Book Challenges COVID-19 Vaccine Narrative

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As much probe is published connected radical who person taken the COVID-19 vaccine, much data—at slightest the information that marque it to publication—are revealing that galore radical person had harmful effects from the injections.

Of course, COVID-19 itself came with wellness consequences, and everyone understood that. The vaccine was expected to beryllium truthful harmless and effectual that it was acceptable to adjacent coerce radical into getting it. In fact, adjacent those who caught COVID-19 and achieved earthy immunity were compelled to get the vaccine.

In her latest publication “Neither Safe Nor Effective: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines,” Dr. Colleen Huber shares immoderate of the information that person been emerging.

Epoch Times Photo Dr. Colleen Huber, naturopathic medicine doc ( Photo courtesy of Dr. Huber)

The Arizona-based naturopathic aesculapian doc says the harm done truthful acold from the mRNA vaccines is undeniable. She besides highlights issues successful the aesculapian and media fields that person kept radical from getting entree to facts. This each comes arsenic galore radical are inactive being pressured to instrumentality the vaccine oregon are suffering consequences.

Huber encourages radical to prime up the publication and to deliberation for themselves portion speechmaking it.

“You won’t get past section 1 without being convinced that these vaccines shouldn’t beryllium utilized connected anyone, due to the fact that of each the harm that has been seen successful vaccinated populations,” she said.

Examining Vaccine Effects

In the book, Huber discusses however mRNA is the culprit down the risks and harm successful people. The exertion had ne'er been utilized safely successful the past. It’s ever had “wildcard unsafe effects successful the body,” she said.

The mRNA mechanics sets successful question a process that can affect the DNA of the idiosyncratic and impact multiple organs successful unwanted ways.

For example, a Swedish survey published this year shows that the Pfizer vaccine enters the DNA of liver cells wrong six hours.

“This, successful turn, changes however the DNA of the assemblage produces caller proteins,” Huber said. “In different words, the liver of a vaccinated idiosyncratic is gradually becoming different, and it is excessively aboriginal to cognize however and to what extent.

“The liver is liable for hundreds of metabolic functions, truthful this is 1 of galore reasons wherefore taking these vaccines is truthful horribly reckless.

“We cannot yet beryllium definite astir this happening successful different organs, due to the fact that that probe hasn’t yet been done, and this, again, is due to the fact that the exertion is inactive truthful new.”

Based connected information she reviewed from the United States, Europe, and Israel, Huber said determination are demonstrated cardiovascular injuries specified arsenic bosom attack, cardiac arrest, myocarditis, and pericarditis.

Other communal broadside effects were neurological injuries specified arsenic Bell’s palsy and seizures, caller and assertive cancers, and liver diseases.

In the book, Huber focuses connected grounds of the archetypal 3 adverse effects, due to the fact that they were “by acold the astir thoroughly documented, and the slightest deniable,” she said.

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The publication includes data presented by Pfizer and the FDA nether tribunal bid (after a lengthy back-and-forth battle). The information amusement that of the 30,096 radical successful the objective proceedings (and an further 2,990 connected whom they person nary data), determination were 1,223 deaths and 11,361 radical who had “not recovered astatine the clip of report.”

It’s excessively aboriginal to cognize the effects of the vaccine, particularly successful those who got the archetypal vaccine (or two-dose vaccines) but didn’t get the boosters. Some radical who had the archetypal vaccine and had immoderate adverse effects took ivermectin, vitamin D, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), and conifer needle beverage for relief. Ivermectin gives the champion results, Huber believes, due to the fact that it has known mechanisms against the spike proteins.

More Jabs, More Damage?

Huber believes that the much vaccines (or “boosters”) a idiosyncratic gets, the much harm that tin beryllium done.

She highlights data from the United Kingdom that amusement an particularly precocious COVID decease complaint there. The U.K. is 1 of the astir heavy vaccinated countries successful the world, with 92 percent of radical older than property 12 vaccinated.

The poorer outcomes, she believes, are linked to much mRNA being added to the assemblage “in bid to churn retired adjacent much of the devastating spike proteins into the cardiovascular system.”

Setting Records Straight

In summation to issues surrounding the prime and suppression of data, there’s besides struggle astir probe that get published and those that ne'er marque it into journals (and, therefore, the mainstream media).

Huber echoes Dr. Peter McCullough, a well-known cardiologist who has sounded the alarm connected however journals person suppressed probe connected aboriginal treatments for COVID-19.

Huber said that it’s hard to get her hands connected data, particularly if the information person ne'er made it to publication.

“Governments successful 1 state aft another, archetypal the U.S., past the UK and Scotland, which had collected the astir data, abruptly hid data,” she said.

Unmasking the Medical Community

If the vaccines were truthful harmful, wherefore did truthful galore doctors unit patients to instrumentality them?

“Doctors are threatened successful galore ways by rogue and often lawbreaking aesculapian boards—the domineering antagonists to the passive doctors—to ‘shut up and bash what we archer you,’” she said, citing her ain experience.

“Few doctors person the time, energy, bandwidth, or, frankly, the ‘cojones’ to rebel against the bureaucrats.”

If the wide inclination of the aesculapian assemblage is to urge COVID vaccines, and if threats are made against immoderate who would take to rebel, you volition find a bulk going along, Huber said.

“That is, until the tide turns. When the tide begins to turn,” she said, “it’s overmuch easier for an idiosyncratic doc to determination with the herd against atrocious aesculapian treatments, specified arsenic the COVID vaccines.”

She said galore doctors are nary longer pressuring patients to get the vaccines.

“And it each seems to beryllium happening astatine once, astatine slightest successful pediatrics and cardiology,” she said.

“When the flock of birds turns and starts flying successful a antithetic direction, each vertebrate turns successful cooperative, astir choreographed, synchrony.”

Huber compares the displacement to that which occurred with the pain-relieving drug Vioxx. In the aboriginal 2000s, it was highly recommended. But successful 2007, the harms of the cause were exposed, and doctors stopped prescribing it.

Now, avoiding that cause is “not astatine each controversial,” she said. “No aesculapian committee punishes a doc for avoiding Vioxx.”