New California Laws Affecting Businesses and Employers Jan. 1

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Certain businesses, employers, and employees look respective changes arsenic hundreds of caller laws spell into effect Jan. 1 affecting minimum wages, clip disconnected for the decease of a household member, nary much taxation connected women’s hygiene products, and more. Here’s a speedy look astatine a fistful of the astir notable:

Minimum Wage Raise (SB 3)

California’s minimum wage volition increase—regardless of the concern oregon its fig of employees—by 50 cents to $15.50 per hour.

Currently, the minimum wage is $15 per hr for companies with 25 oregon much employees and $14 per hr for those with 25 oregon less employees.

This 3.33 percent summation is little than fractional of the 7.9 percent ostentation summation betwixt 2021 and 2022 calculated by California’s Department of Finance.

Although the latest minimum wage hike volition hap connected Jan. 1, the instrumentality was signed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown successful 2016. According to the law, if yearly ostentation increases by much than 7 percent, it triggers the minimum wage to increase.

Bereavement Leave (AB 1949)

This caller instrumentality volition marque it amerciable for employers to garbage bereavement permission of up to 5 days for an worker upon the decease of a household member, including a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, home partner, oregon parent-in-law.

The instrumentality amends the California Family Rights Act—which provides employees with clip disconnected for definite beingness events—allowing up to 5 days disconnected which bash not person to beryllium taken consecutively, wrong 3 months of the day of the household member’s death.

Employers volition beryllium allowed to petition documentation—such arsenic a decease certificate,  oregon published obituary proving the death.

“Pink Tax” (AB 1287)

Businesses volition nary longer beryllium capable to complaint the “pink tax”—an upcharge connected attraction products for women only—due to favoritism against gender-based products.

The caller instrumentality prohibits businesses and manufacturers from charging much for a female-based merchandise than a parallel merchandise intended for men. Those successful usurpation tin present beryllium fixed a civilian punishment by the State Attorney General.

Termination Notices (AB 1601)

Existing instrumentality requires businesses to supply 60 days’ announcement to employees erstwhile a works volition adjacent oregon beryllium relocated. This caller instrumentality adds the aforesaid protections for employees astatine businesses with telephone centers—where employees supply lawsuit work successful the lawsuit of a relocation to a overseas country.

Union Deterrent Violation (SB 931)

Existing instrumentality already prohibits businesses from discouraging oregon deterring employees from becoming oregon remaining members of a union.

This caller instrumentality allows a national to bring a assertion earlier the state’s Public Employment Relations Board to study an leader violating this law.

If the committee finds the assertion is valid, the concern tin beryllium taxable to a civilian punishment of up to $1,000 for each worker affected, not to transcend $100,000 total.

Human Trafficking successful Hotels (AB 1788)

Hotels tin present beryllium held liable for enactment trafficking if an worker knew and failed to study an incidental to authorities wrong 24 hours oregon if an worker knowingly benefited from enactment trafficking occurring successful the hotel.

Existing instrumentality lone requires hotels to supply a minimum of 20 minutes of unit grooming connected however to place quality trafficking.

Civil penalties for hotels are $1,000 for the archetypal usurpation expanding up to $10,000 for repeated infractions wrong a calendar year.

Julianne Foster